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A Second Grand Eye Ball has been planned a few days after the first one in April was finished, simply because there wasn’t too much time {read: less chikahan for the mummies :P} + we just couldn’t get enough of Pinay Mommies Community!

PMC GEB 2, PMC, events

+ so, after multiple online discussions + a lot of planning, the PMC Second Grand Eye Ball finally came to fruition. That particular Tuesday morning, not even the bad weather can stop the mummies from trooping to Aling Tonya’s for the much-awaited + highly-anticipated event of the year, + yes, we’d like to claim it the mummy bloggers event of the year 😀

PMC GEB 2, PMC, events

I originally agreed to meet up with mummies Cielo, Divine + Nicquee at the MRT North station, + since the weather has not cleared up + thankfully my beautiful sister generously took a half-day’s off from work so she can watch after my little man whilst I join my fellow mummies for one afternoon of camaraderie, clean-mum-fun + celebration, I was late for our original meet up time so I had to go alone. Thankfully, I got a call from Mommy Che {yes, she flew in from Germany a few days back}, so we agreed to meet up + go to the venue together. We arrived a few minutes after 1pm + was overwhelmed to see all these lovely mummies in one place. The game to put faces on the url’s has officially begun.

mummies at the Registration table

Although I was at the very first EB, our group doubled this time around so there are lots of unfamiliar faces. Some even flew in from different parts of the country, + the globe {which is the case of sis Haze + Che}, including mummies Ruby {from CDO}, Kaye + Ane {from Baguio}, May {from Bacolod}, + Arlene {from Iligan City}. A host of familiar faces were also present to welcome new arrivals, including sissies Iris {who is busy manning her photobooth together with her husband}, Cielo, Levy, C5, Ning, Gene, Olga, Kat + Cherry, to name a few.

We were ushered in towards the registry table to sign in + get some loot bags from our generous sponsors. The first one to be doled out was a bagful of Smart Steps products {including Smart Steps Baby Laundry Detergent, Baby Bottle Cleanser, Baby Fabric Softener + Holy Seat Disposable Toilet Seat Cover + Handy Spray Toilet Sanitizer}.

Next to be given out were products from Unilab, Dolan + Ceelin. The big white bag contained a humongous bottle of Ceelin {that I guess I wouldn’t be buying some until next year!}, samples of Loperamide Diatabs + Dolan, a tube of RashFree, a cute + very orange tumbler {my present for the little man that day} + a pencil from Dolan, + a pack of Enervon capsules {which I ought to be taking soon :)}.

Not long after, lunch is served + everyone was asked to queue in at the buffet table. It was a seafood feast + every mum cannot wait to dig in on the scrumptious shrimps + other mouth-watering dishes served to us. I shared tables with Cherry + Ane {with her cutey, Lucas}, + we were joined later on by Ria.

After which, the program finally commenced with a short prayer from sis Arlene, a welcome remarks from Divs + a short speech from our founder, Mommy Rubz, about the history of PMC + our exciting new venture, PR Moms Network {the marketing arm of PMC}. The comic + enjoyable duo of Ning + Mommy Cielo as hosts lend a more fun + festive feel to our program.

the lucky mums who won gift packs + GC’s from Drypers

Soon after raffle prizes upon raffle prizes were given away to very lucky mums. There are loads of gift packs from our sponsors that were raffled off that I actually lost track of which one comes next so I will just recall it as best I could, right? 🙂 I was very lucky to get a box of Smart Steps products, which is just very timely as my stash is running on empty (will make a separate post about my prizes!}:D Lucky mums May, Gigi, Kaye, Arlene, Ane, Levy, Jem + Arcee each won gift packs + GC’s courtesy of Drypers.

To take a break from raffling off exciting items, we are handed yet another horde of loots from minor sponsors Ajinomoto {who gave us each a bagful of Umami treats including  packs of Crispy Fried breadings, Aji Ginisa, sinigang + juice mix samples + 2 back issues of Umami magazine}. P&G also gifted us with packs of Ariel StainLift + Pampers Diapers}.

Scotchbrite gave each of us a pair of gloves + an assortment of their products {perfect for mum’s house cleaning duties :)} + Geiser Maclang representative, Jules, honored us with her presence + gifted us with a box of Krispy Kreme + an Alaxan Pacman-signatured shirt each.

And on to the much-awaited part of the program once again – more raffles! More lucky mums won a baby loot from Ainon + a beauty loot from Avon.

I was lucky to win this coffeemaker, too, from generous sis Levy 😀

Special items from our small sponsors were also raffled off.  Mummies Yami, Rosell + Fehdz {who actually looks more like a school girl than a mum ^_^} each won a pair of shoes from Grendha which will be shipped directly to their houses; Mummies Willa,  Karen, Nicquee, + Eihdra won toys from Richwell Trading; + Mummies Nicquee {so lucky}, Ane, Josie + Yami won each a bag of goodies from World of Wellness. Goldquest Biotechnologies also gave a P5,000 donation which was added to the PMC budget. Thank you so much, lovely sponsors! 🙂

putting up a front with mums Jem + Ria 🙂


We also did not waste any time + had our fun photos taken at the photo booth courtesy of KrazyPix PhotoBooth. Mind you, we had to do it three times in a row just so each of us three will get to bring home a copy of our photos as souvenirs. It wasn’t easy posing for the camera + have your photograph taken for a dozen times, I tell you. Thank goodness I am not a model! 😀

+ then comes the more exciting second part of the program, the token-exchange + it was like all hell broke lose as we all busied ourselves in giving out the tokens we brought for the other mummies. I particularly had a hard time since I labeled each of my baggies with names to make it personalized, but even if it was harder to rummage through a bag of tokens + match them with the rushing parade of beautiful faces, I managed to distribute them all in the end so I’d say two thumbs up for me! + two thumbs up to all the mums for all the beautiful tokens they gave me 🙂

The event was such a blast + we all came home with a lot of beautiful memories + a haul of loots + gifts. In fact, it was such a big event we even made it to yesterday’s headline, oh, alright, just page 2, then  😛

Photos courtesy of  Mauie + Eihdra

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