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A few more hours + this mum, with the little man + a bagful of tokens, in tow, will be Manila-bound for our Grand Eye Ball. Everyone is just excited + I am no exception. I have actually prepared my big earth bag yesterday. I’ve prepared diapers, bibs + a spare set of clothes for the little man + all the other baby-related accoutrements. I will also prepare Jared’s bottles + milk in a while.

My sis, Cel, also helped with the last-minute token preparation {I put tags at the back of my token just so the mummies will know that I was the one who gave it :)} + with putting the tokens into their individual baggies, last night. I am all set. All I need now is to wait for the little man to wake up so we can start preparing ourselves and leave as early as we can.

I will be meeting with a few mums from the north at the train station later today so I was hoping the weather clears up soon. It was a particularly rainy morning today + I just hope the weather will take a turn for the better before Jared + I leave the house. It will be doubly hard to get around with a huge bag + a not-so-little man in my arm. Jared’s dad will have to be somewhere today so he cannot bring us to the venue.

I cannot wait to join the EB + I am so looking forward to meeting all the lovely mummies! So, can you please join me when I sing, “rain, rain go away, come again another day!” 🙂

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