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A day to go before our PMC GEB, I am sharing with you today the tokens I got to give out to all those who will attend. I guess you can tell that I am soo excited, right? ­čÖé

I was searching for something the mummies can simply place beside their computers which is very nice to look at + useful at the same time. I fell in love with these beautiful mini calenders that I just had to get them. I know a lot of people will give out calendars but what makes my little ones stand out is that they are so tiny it can fit into any nook or cranny of a blogger mum’s normally cramped desk or tabletop. It can also be recycled for many years to come + all you need to do is buy a new set of tiny calenders and fasten it onto the marble board. It also helps that these were made of recycled materials, so I am hitting two birds with one stone, giving out a token to my mummy friends + promoting green-living at the same time. ­čÖé

I hope the mummies will like my simple token.

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