My little man has recently started saying “popo” then touching his diaper front, I am now thinking if the time is ripe for us to potty train him. I’ve read about amazing stories of mums potty training their little ones before they even turn 1, but I was thinking the best way to go about it is to not force my child to train how to use the potty, but to wait until he is ready to learn the ways of potty-ing.

In search of healthful potty training tips, I stumbled upon this amazing bit of information that I’d like to share with the other mums,  the ABC’s of potty training:

  • A — Assess your child’s readiness
  • B — Buy the right equipment
  • C — Create a routine
  • D — Ditch the diaper
  • E — Explain the process
  • F — Foster independence
  • G — Grab some training underpants
  • H — Handle setbacks gracefully
  • I — Introduce night training
  • J — Jump for joy — you’re done!
Reading this made it sound like potty training would be a very easy thing to do, but I really believe otherwise, so it is really best to equip both you + your little one to get ready for the task at hand.
Here are a few indications that your little tot is ready to potty train:
  • Most importantly, your little one must know how to walk + sit down
  • He dislikes the feeling of being in dirty dappy
  • He can follow simple instructions
  • He has dry periods of atleast 3 to 4 hours which shows that his bladder is developed enough to hold and store his urine
  • He understands the physical signal telling he has to go + can tell you just in time
  • He has soft, regular + formed bowel movements
  • He can pull his pants up + down
  • He can imitate other people’s bathroom habits like watching you go to the bathroom or wanting to wear his underwear
  • He makes a physical demonstration when ready having a bowel movement
  • Has learned a word for urine + stool
I believe that much like most things in motherhood, potty training is also instinctual, so listen to what your motherly instincts are telling you + the hints + signs that your little one is showing, too. It shouldn’t be a stressful time, either, make sure you both enjoy it + make the most of your learning experience.
Got any potty training tips for me, do tell! ^_^
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