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I was able to withdraw some funds from my Paypal account a few weeks back. Let me tell you that I don’t get to do it quite often since I have not fully monetized my blogs + most of my earnings come from GW tasks that I received from bloggers friends. Hopefully, one day I will stumble into a regular source of online income {so that I can continue to stay at home + care for my little man}.

Anyway, I was excited to spend some online moolahs + here’s a few of what I got for me + Jared, the last time we went to the mall. It has been awhile since my first + only pair of Havs retired + I am sort of missing the feel of it on my toes {Ipanema sure feels a lot different}, so when my sister + I saw that All FlipFlops is having a sale, we took the chance + grabbed a pair each. We got them at 40% off, which is a great deal if you ask me!

I also bought Jared this Lightning McQueen ottoman. He is such a fan of the famous car, plus I know he will adore anything that has a picture of a car on it. He’s even sampled it + won’t just let McQueen go. Good thing the item is on sale at 50% off, so I did not think twice + got it for my little man :)

postcards, products, shopping, weekends

+ of course, a visit to the mall will not be complete without visiting my favorite shop of all, the bookstore. For my new-found passion {read all about that in my travel blog}, I bought a stack of postcards, too, to send to my Postcrossing friends.

I also bought Jared a pair of black shorts from the department store. I hope I’d earn more so I can get the little man some toys + presents for the Holidays. It really is quite fulfilling to be able to buy your children stuff from your own earnings, right? :)

Happy Weekend everyone!

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