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I have always been an advocate of healthy eating  but, sometimes, try as I might, I am guilty of mindless snacking, eating chips, chocolates + candies to satisfy my craving or, sometimes, just so I can pass the afternoon downtime away. I know that I have to curb the junk food consumption if I aspire to train my little one to be a healthy eater. I ought to live by example by practicing what I intended to teach him as early as now.

It was a good thing I discovered this healthy snacking alternative, that will let me munch away sans the guilt + the health-hazard that went with eating junk food + sweets ~ Soyami Soya Chips! + what’s even better, it is just so yummy + so healthy, I can even give it to my little one during snack time :)

Want to know why Soyami is a healthier alternative + why you can throw all the snacking guilt away? Here let me count the healthy ways:

  • S – it is the only snack made with real Soya, which helps reduce fat + cholesterol levels in our bodies  
  • O – it comes in 3 mouth-watering flavor, Original, Pizza + White Cheddar that anyone in the family will surely love
  • Y – it is a Yummy, yet healthy alternative as it contains no MSG
  • A – with Calcium + high protein content, anyone can simply enjoy the flavorful taste of Soyami Soya Chips without the worries
  • MMums can give this even to their little children as every pack of Soyami not only gives each kiddo one delectable treat, but it also provides fiber to their diet and is packed with a lot of nutrients essential to growth + development
  • I – Available In selected stores + leading grocery outlets in the Metro, anyone can enjoy the healty soya goodness of Soyami, anytime, anywhere!
You can even include Soyami Soya Chips in the healthy dishes you prepare for your little ones at home. +, especially for the Holidays, you can avail of the Soyami Christmas Gift Baskets + get Free passes to Fitness First. A perfect gift for yourself + your loved ones!
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