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The bliss of having gone to two major events {the PMC EB + the Postcrossing EB, which I will be posting in beautiful details very soon :)} in this mum’s month is slowly wearing off as I get back to my normal life + fall back into my daily routine. The most-welcome break of  being out for two days in a row is now taking its toll on me, particularly on my laundry basket. I was left with a mountain-tall one-week’s worth of laundry, which I have to wash by hand, mind you, as we have yet to get a new washing machine. Plus, there are the regular home chores which need to be done on a daily basis like cooking + doing the dishes, among others.

Add taking care of my lovely tot on top of that list + I will hardly have enough time to do anything else {it was a good thing I was able to put away my tokens + my freebies from the PMC EB + my sis obliged to take photographs of each item so I can post them on my blogs, before we slept that same day, that’s one thing less to worry about from my invisible long list}.

In times like this, I really wish I can afford to hire a house help, much like the ones from Maid Service Ashburn VA. But, time + again, I was reminded that that’s what I am here for in the first place. I quit my job + decided to be a stay-at-home mum so I can personally attend to each of my child’s need + to everything else that needs to be taken care of in the house. Oh, well, even I can afford to dream sometimes, right? ^-^

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  1. What a busy blogger you are! It happens to me every time we go on a trip or a weekend with in-laws. Sometimes it takes me weeks to just unpack and go back to my regular routine. LOL. But it’ll be a bliss when you are able to put everything back to its proper place right?! :))

  2. Hi Mommy Vix,

    Thanks for buying some wooden toys that I sell. I was also thinking on hiring a housemaid but I am afraid that she might not stay long here. It was so hard to find trusted maids nowadays. Good thing that we have a neighbor who offered schedule cleaning inside the house at a minimum fee. I am looking forward to meet your little I mean big toddler Jared :).

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