my pink-hearted teddy

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My post for today was inspired by my usual early-morning companion for a number of weeks now. He is the perfect partner for he keeps me awake in the wee hours of the morning so I can finish my online tasks way before the little man wakes up from his sound slumber. He also keeps me alert + ready, he helps make the scattered ideas brimming off the top of my head coherent and intelligible once I’ve typed it down for yet-another-gw-article- in- the-making. ¬†Needless to say I am really thankful that I have him in my life now + am also in gratitude to the lovely person who gifted me with him.

Now, before you draw your own conclusions, I was actually referring to my pink-hearted-teddy heart-shaped mug. Isn’t he just a darling? Suis reconnaissant to the equally lovely, sis Cherry, for this token. Now even my morning coffee is full of hearts, literally! ūüôā

I look forward to more adventures with my mug + my morning coffee, here’s to more tasks + earning opportunities, more giveaways to join + win, more deadlines to beat + more hopefully-slightly intelligent blog post to write in the coming new year! ūüėČ

what is your pink share this week?

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weekend gathering hops #14

 Beauty Brite Weekend Gathering Hops
It is the last Friday of the year + I welcome you all to our Weekend Gathering Hops!  This 5 way link up is hosted by Adventures of Frugalmom, Beck Valley Books, Beauty Brite, mumwrites, and Nifty Mom to help socialize with fellow bloggers, gain traffic, new followers, make new friends, and more!
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my little man turns 28 months!

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My little charmer, also known as the little bag of boundless energies, turned 28 months old today! Wee!

Sorry I know you were suppose to stop counting the months once they turn a year old, but I can’t seem to kick the old habit! Anyway, we celebrated by going to the movies + see the little man’s favorite ad on the tellie by far, Enteng Ng Ina Mo {I will tell you more about the movie experience in a separate post :)}.

Jared is slowly discovering his gift of gab + is such a chatterbox now more than ever. Here are a few of his weird + funny words {with their corresponding interpretations as your guide ^_^}

  • Aby – that is his sweet term for “mummy,” ¬†although he can distinctly say “ma” or “mum”
  • Padi – that is his diapers or dappy
  • Kase – I don’t know how this came to be, but this is his term for “tricycle” ūüėÄ
  • Popo – while pointing at his diapers, means he pooped
  • Wowo – that is his favorite stuffed toy, Elmo
  • Sasa – the other favorite stuff toy, Aslan, the white tiger from Zoobic Safari
  • Tata – that is his tita
  • Tuto – or his favorite, Tito
  • Beebee – that is another of his favorites, Jollibee! ^_^
  • Bee – this is his term for his bib
  • Kishi – our christmas tree ūüôā

His vocabulary + speaking has greatly improved in several months + I couldn’t be a prouder mum. Apart from that he can now distinguish {+ say them clearly, too} letters A to J with the addition of letter O. He can also count from 1 to 10, ¬†recite the names of his stuffed toy friends, and recall the sound made by the following animals:¬†dog,¬†cat,¬†tiger, frog, + bird {we’ve also included fish into the fray, which makes the “swim, swim” sound :)}

A few words added into his vocabulary includes:¬†moon,¬†star,¬†daddy,¬†fish, ball, + apple.¬†I know he will learn a whole lot more new things next year + I couldn’t be more excited! ūüėÄ

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