gt: best new person in 2011

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The best new person in 2011 for me will be none other that the PMC founder herself, Mommy Rubz. Not only that I consider our friendship a blessing but I am most touched by her kindness + her generosity.

Although I have been a member of PMC since late last year, I only got the chance to meet Mommy Ruby in person this year {during our first + 2nd grand EB‘s} + I must say she radiates the same warmth she does online. I have also been a receiver of her generous + giving heart on many a number of occasions. In fact, even this blog + its hosting are precious gifts from her, not to mention several dozens of postcards I receive from her regularly {we are both members of this postcard collecting group!}

Mommy Ruby + her family lives in the typhoon-devastated area of Carmen in Cagayan de Oro. I am most relieved to find out that apart from power + water service interruption, her family survived the wrath of Typhoon Sendong, unscathed. + I am more touched that she spends her time helping her fellow Kagayanons to continue living their lives after the tragedy. Her generosity outshines more than ever.

Bless your heart, Mommy Ruby, I know that the Almighty will continue to bless + nurture you + your family in the coming new year. Your kindness will send good karma on your way + the things you gave will be given back to you a thousand fold.

My GT share for this week ^_^

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    1. you are so modest mommy, am sure a lot of other people out there consider you their best person for this year! I am glad that I made you feel a little bit better with my post! Love you, Mommy! hugs!

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