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2011 will soon be history + along with it the chance to save up a little to fill up the piggy bank and/or my son’s kiddie account. I must admit, I am an impulsive spender + tend to get overexcited whenever I see a great deal in one of those online groupon sites I subscribed to. So, in retrospect, I want to put my spending into perspective + check out where all the money went this year + hopefully make a solid action plan that I can follow next year so that I might be able to finally save  up.

A big chunk of the money goes to the little man’s needs: milk, diapers, clothing + shoes {it’s just impossible how he grows way too fast!}, + his shots {a very good investment, if you’d ask me!}. Another part of it goes to the utilities {water, broadband + electric bills} and, as of Sept 22, to the house rent. We’ve also spent a considerable amount of money buying a few home essentials like my new sofa, the new fridge + the dining table set. Not a bad loot really!

A big part of my online earning went to buying tickets to Zoobic Safari {where we spent the little man’s 2nd birthday} + Manila Ocean Park {I have yet to post about it} for the family. I also managed to purchase a number of toys + books for the little one.

In the coming year, I hope to be able to curb my online shopping spree so I can save a portion of my online earning. The little man might also be consuming less milk next year, so that will be another expense off our list. Hopefully, if the stars will align, we might be able to purchase that part of land we’re eyeing + work on building our own house soon enough.

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  1. Mommy, I agree that vaccines are good investment. Seeing your child happy and healthy is the best reward of the day.

    1. the shots may be a bit pricey, but it wills save us a lot of trouble in the future + we ensure our babies’ health + safety, right? 🙂

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