lunchdate with my college best friends

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I was feeling rather down lately {no thanks to the gloomy weather} + I need a pick-me-up + I was glad I got exactly that…

Glad too that the rain let up last 03 December, that Jared + mum was able to go out for a lunch date with my College best friends at Gerry’s Grill here in the city. One of my friends + Jared’s godmother, Ella, got back from the States a few weeks back + she contacted the gang so we can catch up on each other’s happenings. Too bad my other friends, Meia + Jack, were not able to make it due to prior commitment. But I hope we can get to see them sometime soon.

my kumare, Sharon

But, it was a great day, nonetheless. As usual, we never ran out of stories + jokes + reminiscing of the old days, too! + There were lots of food, as well {one of our favorite part! ^_^}

I’ve known these ladies for about a quarter of my life + nothing really beats seeing lifelong friends. They remind you so much of the old days of youth + it was glad that even now that some of us are married or with children, we still get to keep the bond + see each other whenever opportunity comes.

It wasn’t just mum who had all the fun. Jared had the time of his life roaming around the restaurant whilst mum catch up on old friends. He also had a blast playing with Patrick, Sharon’s 2-year old boy.

the scrumptious sinigang ~ perfect for the rainy afternoon

I cannot wait to see them again, see we have a several-year-old tradition of meeting every December {check out my post about last year’s}  + for this year it will be in one of our friend’s, Med, house. This should be exciting! Sharon {the best cook amongst us} also promised to teach us how to cook a dish or two, so I hope I will be a better cook after that day 😉

here’s how the little man looks like after all the playing’s done

See you again soon dear friends.

Sharing this thru GT…

Image credit goes to Jhapon {except for the first one}, thank you friend 🙂

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  1. Napadaan lang po..

    It’s always a good feeling being re-connected with old friends..

    Iba pa din talaga yung kwentuhang real time face-to-face.. 😉

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