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It has been some time since I last participated in one of my favorite memes, so to begin the month of December on the right foot, am joining this week’s GT. + the topic for the week is all about something new or something you have never done before that you were able to accomplish this year.

Well, my long bucket list has grown considerably, especially now that I am a mum + a busy one at that, but I am glad I was able to accomplish a few firsts, most with my little man. Here are a few of them:

  • went swimming with Jared for the first time last summer
  • went on a very long trip with my tot in tow when we visited Zoobic Safari on Jared’s birthday
  • I started a new hobby, which is postcrossing + I am loving every bit of it. I have met with my fellow enthusiast last month + it was our very first meet up, too ­čÖé
  • I was never a good cook, thanks to my Mama relegating me to the cutting + chopping duties when I was a little girl {she would even complain about it, too, as I was really slow at it!}, but I was able to cook one of my favorite dishes, Paksiw na bangus, + it tasted much like my mum’s + I was over the moon about it! ­čśÇ
  • we moved in on our very first house ever, + albeit rented, I can never deny the freedom + the satisfaction of fending for yourself in your own little space in the universe. Hopefully, the next time we move it will be in our very own dream house!
Got any firsts in 2011 that you’d love to share with us, join Girls Talk + you might just even get a surprise for completing each entry for the entire month ­čÖé

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    1. it is indeed! ^_^

      postcrossing is when you exchange postcards with people from different places + countries. I’ve only started this year + got more than a hundred postcards from various parts of the globe + i just love it! ^_^

  1. i miss having the house all to our own. right now i live in baguio together with ayie, and while the company is fun, sometimes it’s best that we have our own houses. hee hee.

    a lot of great firsts this year! let’s hope next year we’ll have bigger and better firsts! ^_^

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