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Jared + mum are glued on the tellie whenever the news is on to get updates on the plight of our less fortunate brothers in Mindanao. My heart goes out to parents who were not able to save their little children from the flood. I can only imagine the terror + the trauma that they are going through. The death toll rises to 900 plus today + the authorities are even struggling to find ways to give the victims a decent burial.

In the light of the tragedy, it is heart-warming to see people doing their share to help our unfortunate kababayans, the spirit of bayanihan {helping others} aflame in their hearts. You can also do your share + in your own little ways, help out those who are in need.

Here are a few ways on how we can help out the victims of Typhoon Sendong:

Donate to Sagip Kapamilya Foundation

Bank Account Name: ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. Sagip Kapamilya

Peso Account

  1. BANCO DE OROBank Account No: 393-011-4199
  2. BANK OF THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS Bank Account No: 305-111-2775
  3. PHILIPPINES NATIONAL BANK Bank Account No: 419-539-5000-13
Dollar Account


Bank Account No: 393-008-1622

Donate to Kapuso Foundation

Bank Account Name: GMA Kapuso Foundation, Inc. 

Peso Account

  1. Metropolitan Bank + Trust Company {Metrobank} –  Bank Account Number:3-098-51034-7
  2. Banco De Oro {BDO} – Bank Account Number:469-0022189
  3. Philippine National Bank {PNB} – Bank Account Numbe:121-003200017
Dollar Account
  1. Metrobank – Bank Account Number:2-098-00244-2 {Code:MBTC PH MM}

BDO – Bank Account Number:469-0072135 {Code: BNORPHMM}

Donate in Kind

  1. Bring your donations to any LBC branch nationwide + they will deliver them for free. Call {632}8585-9999 to locate the nearest branch to you.
  2. Bring you donations to any JRS Express branch nationwide, they will also deliver these to the typhoon victims for free. Call {632}631-7351 to 56 for any assistance.

You can also visit for more information on how you can extend your help.

Let us give our brothers the gift of hope this Christmas season…

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