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It was really quite disappointing to find out that Mr. G will soon remove the Google Friend Connect widget from non-blogger blogs {like mum‘s}, imagine all our hard work from getting more + more followers going down the drain. Sad, really! ­čÖü

It was a good thing they came up with Google+ Pages to gain back all the followers we lost + it was like going back to square one, beginning the quest to earn followers again. Anyway, The Weekend Blog Follower Caravan for this week is very timely as I have just recently made a Google+ Page for this blog + is in dire need of new followers ­čÖé

To follow, simply click on that big G+ widget on my sidebar. Don’t forget to leave a comment, too, while you’re at it, right? ­čÖé

The Weekend Blog Follower Caravan is a weekly blogger-helping-another-blogger meme, where you not only gain followers but also get a chance to win $5 each week. Thanks to our sponsors for this week: Impulsive Shopper and All About Travels, Trips and Vacations.┬áDon’t forget to click on the badge for more information on how to join.

Have a great weekend ahead ­čÖé

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