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My little charmer, also known as the little bag of boundless energies, turned 28 months old today! Wee!

Sorry I know you were suppose to stop counting the months once they turn a year old, but I can’t seem to kick the old habit! Anyway, we celebrated by going to the movies + see the little man’s favorite ad on the tellie by far, Enteng Ng Ina Mo {I will tell you more about the movie experience in a separate post :)}.

Jared is slowly discovering his gift of gab + is such a chatterbox now more than ever. Here are a few of his weird + funny words {with their corresponding interpretations as your guide ^_^}

  • Aby – that is his sweet term for “mummy,”  although he can distinctly say “ma” or “mum”
  • Padi – that is his diapers or dappy
  • Kase – I don’t know how this came to be, but this is his term for “tricycle” :D
  • Popo – while pointing at his diapers, means he pooped
  • Wowo – that is his favorite stuffed toy, Elmo
  • Sasa – the other favorite stuff toy, Aslan, the white tiger from Zoobic Safari
  • Tata – that is his tita
  • Tuto – or his favorite, Tito
  • Beebee – that is another of his favorites, Jollibee! ^_^
  • Bee – this is his term for his bib
  • Kishi – our christmas tree :)

His vocabulary + speaking has greatly improved in several months + I couldn’t be a prouder mum. Apart from that he can now distinguish {+ say them clearly, too} letters A to J with the addition of letter O. He can also count from 1 to 10,  recite the names of his stuffed toy friends, and recall the sound made by the following animals: dog, cat, tiger, frog, + bird {we’ve also included fish into the fray, which makes the “swim, swim” sound :)}

A few words added into his vocabulary includes: moon, star, daddy, fish, ball, + apple. I know he will learn a whole lot more new things next year + I couldn’t be more excited! :D

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