need additional cash this christmas?

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One great way of having additional cash for your Christmas shopping is to join giveaways. + if you want to try your luck, you might as well join Georyl’s Christmas Giveaway + get a chance to win any of the following cash prizes:

  • 1 Winner of $100 Paypal Credits
  • 1 Winner of $50 Paypal Credits
  • 3 Winners of $25 Paypal Credits
  • 5 Winners of $10 Paypal Credits
  • 12 Winners of $5 Paypal Credits
  • 3 blog makeovers – special prizes {which I am also hoping to win, by the way! :)}

This giveaway is brought to all of us by all these generous sponsors:

GEORYL | Techie She | Chika Bits | Dens Online | Stay at Home Wife and Mother | Work at Home Wife and Mother | Travel Yums | The Food, The Place and the Bad Trips | Mitigating Life’s Uncertainties | Blogger’s Notebook | Zowanderer | The Packrat Wifey | Enairrah’s Travel Thoughts | Enairrah’s Notes and Rumblings | A Wife’s Online Abode | Tinkerputt’s Turf | Simple Happiness | Impulsive Shopper | Momsdrive Online Finds | Nanay Blogs | Make Money Online | Samu’t Sari | The Traveler’s Journey | Khakiness| Walk With Me

I hope I get lucky + win something from Georyl, I could use the extra cash to spend on gifts for the little man, myself + my loved ones + this blog can really use a major makeover. I am keeping my fingers crossed. What about you?

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