Gone are the days when shaving is exclusive men territory. Now, more + more women are finding the need to shave off unnecessary + unwanted hair in different parts of their bodies, + in our country, more + more Filipinas are being open to the idea of going to salons + specialty clinics to have their extra hairs removed. Ever heard of waxing + threading, or bikini waxing?

Going for a salon treatment might just be the easiest + the most painless way to go about removing your excess hair.  The process will be handled by expert hands so you will be sure to have smooth, fair skin in no time + with the minimum amount of pain.

Unfortunately, not most of us can afford this service regularly or have the time to go out of our busy home schedules to pamper ourselves. The best option you might have is do a D-I-Y at home whilst your little one takes his nap.  You are not only saving yourself a trip to the salon but are also saving some moolah which can use to buy other important things for your house + family.

Shaving may not be a very simple tasks + you might end up with a few nicks here + there, but these can be prevented by following these simple tricks:

  • to prevent nicks and razor burn, wet your skin before shaving to let it soften through the heat + moisture
  • exfoliate your skin before shaving to prevent dead skin from clogging up your razor
  • any shaving cream for men works well with women, too, so the next time you buy a shaving cream for your man, choose the scent that you love best
  • a dull blade is equal to nicks, so make sure you change your blades + cartridges regularly +, if you can, use safety razors to prevent nicks effectively
  • don’t forget to apply oil or moisturizer every time you finish shaving
I think that should do it. Following these simple tricks will make you a master-shaver in no time.
Happy shaving! :)
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