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On 22 November, Jared + mum went to Nuffnang + Off’s Tea Party at the lovely Lemuria in Quezon City. It was both our first time to attend a tea party +, apart from mum having a hard time running after my little man who’s in his rowdy usual self, we did have a wonderful time together! A few of the highlights of the event include a photo booth with a lovely tea party set where mums + kids had their souvenir photos taken. Samples of Off! Lotion was also given out to the participating mums. Delectable appetizers, bread + pasta were also served for mums + kids to enjoy.  They even provided story-telling + crafts-making activities for the little ones to enjoy whilst the mums enjoyed the program proper.

The tea party, hosted by mum-of-three, host + TV personality, Suzie Entrata-Abrera, is the launch of a new portal of information, ideas + tips for mums, Top Moms. Pioneered by two mum experts: Child Psychiatrist, Dr. Anna Vazquez +  all-around mum, Dr. Empress Carlos-Villapando.

Off!, Top Moms, events, mum events, weekendsOff!, Top Moms, events, mum events, weekends



The Top Moms site is launching very soon. In the mean time, you can check out the working site to have a preview of what this new + exciting site has to offer. Sample features such as Photo of the Week or Question of the Week. Since I love online quizzes, I tried the Are You A Top Mom? quiz + here’s what the result said:

Off!, Top Moms, events, mum events, weekends

I did have a hard time keeping up with my little one, who probably got all too excited with the site of that many little children, but, I had a great experience seeing mum friends + their kiddos again + meeting new ones.  All in all it was a wonderful afternoon + a worthwhile experience. Thanks Maris for the invite 🙂

Off!, Top Moms, events, mum events, weekends

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