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brown, home
our comfy brown sofa

I didn’t think I have shared our new nest here before, so I am showing you some parts of our new {rented} humble house, I hope you will indulge this mum ­čÖé

home, brown
the stairs leading to the upstairs bedroom

The 2-storey house is located in a compound {located in the same city where we used to live} that housed another unit much like ours beside it + a 2-car garage in front. What I loved first about this house is that it is all blue. All the walls + doors, too, are painted in my favorite shade for my little man {yep, he has no say in it just yet!}. The wrought-iron gates + fences are also in the same shade. I also love that all windows are screened to make sure the little one is safe from mosquitoes.

Although this house failed in comparison to my parents’ house in terms of size, it is actually working well to my advantage. The small first floor housed both the kitchen, dining + living room, perfect for a mum who can do her chores as she watched over the little guy play in the sofa nearby. Whatever happens I am just a few steps away from him. Not to mention it is now easier to clean + maintain!

home, brown

Because of necessity, we bought a couple of new stuffs when we moved in including a new set of cabinets, a dining table, a ref, a sofa + these cool set of curtains which Jared’s dad put up himself {you should’ve seen the delight in his face after he finished setting it up ^_^}

My favorite in our house is our brown + comfy sofa {which doubles as a bed where Jared + I can nap during the lazy afternoons or just lounge whenever we’re watching the tellie ^_^

home, brown
Jared’s favorite hang out

If you’d ask Jared, the second-floor out-door terrace + the stairs top the list of his favorites. He sampled the stairs the first day we got here, of course with tita supporting her the entire time.

We have only been here for two months + a bit + I am kinda liking it. Although the size of it takes a little getting used to {I am used to wide spaces I guess, even our loo in the old house is big!}. I have recently put up a few Christmas trimmings, too {but that makes for another post altogether :)} + I am excited to clean up + move around each day. I can only imagine how excited I’d be to decorate + clean up a house that is all my own, oh well, we cannot afford to buy one just yet, but am sure, we will in the future ­čÖé

Will share some more of our abode with you next time. Now off from the computer I go to prepare for a lunch date with my College chums. Happy Saturday + see you around ^_^

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  1. beautiful home sweet home, congrats on the new place ­čÖé it looks like Jared is loving his new place ­čÖé
    Dropping some love for Thursday Brownies, hope that you can return the favor too.

  2. awwww, congratulations on your new home! well, even if it’s rented it’s still ‘all your own’. ­čÖé
    am sure you’re very excited decorating it whichever way you want! have fun!

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