browns, books, from my mailbox

Receiving surprises from the mail always brings a smile on my face + never fails to make me giddy like a 5-year old.  So imagine my delight when I got a package that contains these bundle of books for review. I immediately opened the parcel up + take in the wonderful + enthralling smell of new books! Bliss…

My parcel included the following interesting books that I cannot wait to devour as soon as I’ve got some free time in my hands:

  • Angel’s Dance which is a collection of uplifting + inspirational poetry
  • Hope Whispers, an anthology of inspirational poems + short stories
  • Living Lessons which is another collection of heart-warming short stories + poems

books, from my mailbox, browns

The parcel also included this book, Nurturing Paws, which is a collection of stories + poems that showcase the other “persons” in our lives, our pets. It is my favorite so far + it reminds me of all the dogs {+ a few cats} we’ve had in this lifetime + a mental note saying “must get a pet when Jared is bigger.”  The brown-pawed friend is just sooo cute + he deserves a spot on Thursday Brownies ^_^

Many thanks to sis Nancy, who shared this opportunity with me ^_^

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