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A very lucrative day job, a thriving social life, a night life or weekend gimmicks with my best buddies ~ these are just a few of the things I gave up when I became a mum. Not that I am complaining, I am loving every minute I spend with my little kiddo. He is just absolutely adorable + I love him to bits! Nowadays, spending time online is the only semblance of social life I have left, save for occasional meet-ups with my chums, perhaps, or a few blogger events here + there. + I must admit, I am guilty as charged, I actually spend way too much time online + you bet, I just might be checking free online bingo games very soon.

I don’t think you can blame me, really. Apart from updating several blogs that takes up a bulk of my online time, I have actually found a few interesting + productive things to do that’s got me checking up on my online accounts whenever opportunity arises {read: whenever the little man is asleep or preoccupied with something}. One of which is writing articles for other bloggers {we call it GW in our blogvernacular ~ yup, I made that word up!} who simply have way too many paid tasks they hardly have enough time to finish all of them. They share it to other bloggers, like myself, who are free to write with a deadline, for a fee, of course. Although, these GW tasks do not pay as much as when I get paid tasks of my own, they are a good, steady source of income + with a dollar or two for each task, I am able to keep the Paypal account happy + myself, a happy camper!

One other attractive activity that’s got me hooked online is checking up the latest deals on those groupon sites. I have managed to purchase a few stuffs this year {thanks to my online earnings} while saving a lot, too, + am eyeing one major splurge for summer next year. + if the stars will be kind, I might just be having the best summer ever! Oh, well, I guess I need to find more online tasks so I can save up for that then or do you think I should try out online bingo, I might get lucky, who knows?

More online time, here I come.

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