welcome december!

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Time does fly so fast, as if in the blink of an eye a whole year is almost done + 2011 will soon become a bag of beautiful moments in our memory chamber. Welcome December, here I am with arms wide open!

Here are a few things I look forward to during this month:

  1. The cold weather that makes you feel like you’re living somewhere up north or abroad, am just not sure if we will be experiencing that this year, 2 days into December + it is still particularly hot, especially in the mid-afternoons
  2. The warm + happy people. It is something quite hard to explain, but people are just simply kinder + warmer during the Christmas holidays + I bet you will all agree
  3. Wrapping Christmas Presents. I’ve started wrapping 2 little gifts for my little one + placed it under our tree. Wrapping gifts is something I look forward to every year, I just love doing it + I am kinda good at it, too ^_^
  4. Puto bumbong + bibingka {+ some other native kakanins or delicacies}. I cannot wait to get my hands on some of these purple goodies, it has been awhile since I ate puto bumbong + I am really craving for it! {For those who are clueless, puto bumbong is a delicious native delicacy which is mostly available during the Christmas season here in our country ^_^}
  5. Noche Buena. It has never really been the same since my parents passed on, but we try to do our best each year. Am not sure what our menu will be like for this year, but I am sure that it will involve a lot of delish food + probably a few takeaways!
  6. Our newly-established yearly tradition of going somewhere else on Christmas Day instead of staying at home all day long. After giving out presents to our inaanaks {godchildren}, we will head off somewhere fun + exciting. We have not decided where to go this year, though.
  7. Gifts. Even if I do not receive that many gifts anymore since I quit work, I still look forward to receiving + giving gifts to my loved ones. I become a child again whenever I open something that is especially-wrapped for me! Simply the best feeling in the world!
Here’s hoping for a one great December + looking forward to the best Christmas ever! Feel free to add to my long lists by leaving some comment love ^_^

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