bothered by hair loss

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It all started when I got pregnant + shows no sign of stopping! Every morning, I wake up to a few loose hair on my pillows. + when I sweep the floor, the amount of hair that has fallen + mixed with dust + dirt is really getting into my nerves. + don’t even make me talk about the hair on my bathroom floor, I would really go ballistic! Even my little man is annoyed by all it! At the rate my hair is falling, I’d probably turn bald when I am 50! A thought that actually brings me chills.

I must admit, I have not really taken much care of my hair of late, thus the nagging hair fall incidence. I haven’t got a hair trim for ages now+ instead of air-drying it after shower, I immediately gather it in a bun so it won’t get in the way while I do my mothering chores. The only care I’m giving it really is conditioning it regularly + using a hair fall control shampoo {which obviously is not doing the trick :(} If my hair could talk, I bet it will tell me to give her a break!

I wanted to put an end to this dilemma, so I did a bit of research. Not long before I discovered the solution to my problem, I stumbled upon these old hair myths + don’t we all love to bash myths ūüôā

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Ideal Financial Aid for Copywriting Job

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Statistics showed that more than 80% of households in the United States have a computer. It is no wonder on-line jobs have become so sought after. Everyone wants to work from home, to make a living from the comforts of your favorite armchair. Almost everyone who has grown up in this age of computers is proficient in the use of them, making using the computer for work, fun or profit quite accessible. Of course the down side to this is that there are also millions of other people doing exactly the same thing. Learning how to write the story or article that is the most interesting, the most informative, or the most intriguing is the key to being successful in this very competitive field.

Searching the Internet for advice on the “how to” of good copywriting and one point¬†recurs. The copywriters who are making the money at it are good at it. They know how¬†to keep the reader interested. They have done their homework, researched the topic and¬†have reliable information about the topic. When a Google search can produce literally¬†thousands of articles about any topic out there, the odds are staggering as to which one¬†article or blog will grab the interest of the reader. Fortunately, not all readers are alike,¬†giving the copywriter the opportunity to appeal to different people at different times, on
different subjects.

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weekend blog followers caravan: rss feed follow

It’s this mum blog‘s turn to join Weekend Blog Follower Caravan this week. + our task is to gain more RSS Feeds followers by following others in return. One exciting discovery, which made me love my current ¬†theme so much, I just found out now that this theme actually has options where you’d just insert your social media links + the widget will show up on your sidebar like magic! I was delighted with this new bit of information, so I went on to add all the relevant social media that I can. +, look, the¬†diminutive¬†widgets can’t be missed, they are just sitting on top of my sidebar + if you’re looking for the RSS Feeds widget, just click on the first one {the yellow bug-like thingy, yes! :)} + it will redirect you straight to my feeds. ūüôā Of course, I will be more than happy to return the favor, just leave me a note telling me where to follow back, right? ūüôā

Don’t forget, you not only gain followers by joining this week’s WBFC, but you’d also have a chance to be $5 richer by next week, courtesy of our generous sponsors:¬†Simple Pero Rock and Gen Online Ads. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a worthwhile activity to do this weekend, this must be it!

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