2012 goal #2: learning a new skill

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I did mention am shying away from New Year’s resolution altogether + will be renaming them as goals or bucket list from here on. + one of the many goals I have in mind is to learn something new this year. A few options come to mind:

  • enroll in a Yoga class is on top of it {I have been meaning to do this since time immemorial but priorities + parenting got in the way :)},
  • learning how to drive, which I have put on hold some years ago when I found out I was pregnant
  • learning a third language which can very well be either French, Italian or Spanish. I love the romance languages + it had been my life-long dream to know how to speak French.
  • enroll in a cooking class. Now this option is by far the most practical, as being a mum, I really need to be dishing out those delicious + nutritious meals for my kiddo. But since money is also a big factor, I am thinking of sticking to watching cooking shows + buying cookbooks + cooking publications for now.
Learning is a life-long process + I believe that it is very important that I strive to learn something new everyday. Not only will I be able to pass it on to the little man when it’s time, but it is also a great exercise for my brain. I remember when I had to have an impromptu quickbooks training when I was hired as a cashier in my previous job. Back then, no quickbooks training online were available on hand that I had to learn the ropes as I used the system each day on the job. I only had a few days to practice before the store opens + I was glad that my brain is in tip top running condition to take all the information overload in 🙂
It was timely that I chanced upon this post the other day whilst I was browsing through sites online. I found out that Stanford University is offering free online lessons. Yes, the famous university where Chuck went + was kicked out, remember? I just had to check it out + what do you know, I find one subject interesting enough for me + hit the enroll button. If you’d ask why I chose Anatomy among all the subjects listed, well, anything technical has lesser appeal to me, + I reckon Anatomy is the most handy subject for a mum to learn 🙂

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