another weekend meet up with my friends

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To say that I enjoyed our weekend meet ups is an understatement. I actually had a blast! + I am glad I get to spend two more Saturdays with my friends, before Ella flew back to the US. After our  get-together at Med’s place, we met up twice more in January. The first one was after the New Year at Ella’s place + the other one was on the 7th at Jhe’s place. The gang agreed to meet up at South Supermarket, where we’d take a trike to Jhe’s place.

We were running a little late, as usual, as a not-so-heavy downpour greeted us when we left home. Mum + the little man had to take shelter at the nearby sari-sari store + wait for the rain to abate. By the time we boarded a jeep, everyone else was in the meeting place.

meet ups, weekend, me-time, friends

Jhe’s home is really nice + we instantly fell in love with the place. It was not so big, in fact just big enough for a small family of three or four, but it was so clean + homey + I particularly loved the pictures + the bear-decorated Christmas tree + the lovely ref magnets! ^_^

Jared, on the other hand, fell in love with the yard + waste no time running around the perimeter of the area ^_^ He was also ecstatic to see his playmates again. He was up on his toes about almost the entire time that he was not captured in any of the photos here.

meet ups, me-time, friends, weekends

Shortly after we arrived, lunch was served + our host sure knows how to whip up one mouth-watering menu. I love the shrimp + the soup, but it was the tofu dish that I love best! Needless to say, I was so full when we all decided to leave the dining area + transferred to the lawn. By this time, the little man was drenched with sweat from too much playing + refused to take his milk, too, in favor of some more playing.

I could get used to afternoons like these. It was totally enjoyable + I wish our friends, Jack + Meia will join us, too. I also totally enjoyed the snacks that we are served. Apart from munching on peanuts + green mangoes {odd combination, I know!}, we also had a sample of some kakanin, + I just love them 🙂 Our generous host even doled out gifts to the kiddos before we leave {I will share about Jared’s here soon!}

I am so delighted we were able to catch up on each other before Ella leaves. She left Monday night + yesterday I got a message from her saying she’d arrived + was hoping she’d get to see us again soon! I am sure we will have another round of weekend meet ups when she comes home. 😀

Thought I’d share the pretty pink ladies in the photos with Pink Fridays!

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  1. what a great time to catch up with the girls, visiting from Pink Fridays, hope that you can return the visit too.

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