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It all started when I got pregnant + shows no sign of stopping! Every morning, I wake up to a few loose hair on my pillows. + when I sweep the floor, the amount of hair that has fallen + mixed with dust + dirt is really getting into my nerves. + don’t even make me talk about the hair on my bathroom floor, I would really go ballistic! Even my little man is annoyed by all it! At the rate my hair is falling, I’d probably turn bald when I am 50! A thought that actually brings me chills.

I must admit, I have not really taken much care of my hair of late, thus the nagging hair fall incidence. I haven’t got a hair trim for ages now+ instead of air-drying it after shower, I immediately gather it in a bun so it won’t get in the way while I do my mothering chores. The only care I’m giving it really is conditioning it regularly + using a hair fall control shampoo {which obviously is not doing the trick :(} If my hair could talk, I bet it will tell me to give her a break!

I wanted to put an end to this dilemma, so I did a bit of research. Not long before I discovered the solution to my problem, I stumbled upon these old hair myths + don’t we all love to bash myths 🙂

Hair Loss Myth #1: Wearing hats can cause hair loss ~ so not true!

Hair Loss Myth #2: You’re suffering from hair loss since your hair falls everyday! ~ unless you see a handful of hair on your pillow each morning or your tub clogs because of your falling hair, it was a pretty natural + normal thing for some of your hair to fall. In fact, a person loses an average of 50-100 hair strands on a daily basis.

Hair Loss Myth #3: Shampooing daily may cause hair loss ~ if truth be told, there is nothing in our shampoo that can actually cause for us to go bald in the long run + the amount of hair care needed various from person to person

Hair Loss Myth #4: You got the balding genes from your mum’s side of the family ~ hair loss is hereditary + you have equal chances of acquiring it from you dad’s side, as well.

Hair Loss Myth #5: There is no solution to hair loss! ~ this might be the case in the past, but not anymore. + this is where I came across a possible solution to my hair loss, too! 🙂

women health, products, hair loss

Introducing Novuhair. It is made with natural herbal ingredients like lavender, lemon grass, virgin coconut oil, peppermint + moringa oliefera. It also contains properties which increases nutrition of hair follicles + detoxify the scalp, thereby limiting hair fall. These ingredients are effectively combined to get to the root of the true causes of hair fall. + Novuhair is so good that even fashion + hair expert, Fanny Serrano, gives it 2 thumbs up! + what’s even greater news is that it is so clinically safe, you can use the lotion on 12-year olds!

The invaluable lessons I learned from this little research: first, that my hair loss may not be hair loss after all since it is all natural for my hair to shed numerous times in a day. +, if ever I actually do have real hair loss problems in the future, I’ve found the right solution to solve my hair loss woes. + I won’t even have trouble getting some as Novuhair is now available in leading drug stores + online, too {check out

For more information about this product, visit or call 413-6570 or 0922-883-0575 for more details.

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  1. hi sis… i had this incident too a few months ago! i was really bothered because it was my first time to experience so much hair fall. i thought it was stress that caused it, unluckily, it was the shampoo that i used. i have bottle of imported shampoos (mostly from the middle east) and boy, they are really strong ones. now, i went back to my regular local shampoo, and thankfully, the hair fall has been minimized. dropping by.

  2. I’m a vegan and I’ve been experiencing some hair loss which I think may have something to do with my diet. Does anyone know if I may be missing something that is linked with hair loss? thanks.

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