Popcorn is one of my absolute favorite + to know that I can munch on it as much as I like without gaining the extra pounds is absolute bliss! It was the perfect companion whenever I go to the movies to see my favorite film, or whenever me + my siblings would hang out at home on a weekend, practically doing nothing but to much to our heart’s content. If I had extra cash to shell out, I’d actually invest in one of those  popcorn poppers so I’d have a steady stream of popcorn whenever I like! :)

When I was pregnant, I watched this horror film with Jared’s dad, of course, with a tub of freshly-made popcorn in tow. The film was surprisingly a bore for something that is suppose to scare the hell out of you, I just munched on my popcorn to keep myself entertained. I actually ate the whole tub on my own + I guess I had too much popcorn, my stomach was queasy + I was feeling ill the next day. I have not eaten popcorn for a long time after that :D

Oh well, writing about this made me crave for popcorn even more. I will make a mental note to swing by the snack booth the next time me + the little man hit the cinemas to catch Alvin + the Chipmunks :)

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