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That I am such a pack rat works well to my advantage sometimes. Well, I must admit I’ve got a few nice items for the little man from EQ Diapers {I got this cute green frog table + an alphabet wooden book, plus they also send a nice card on Jared’s birthday!} that I have never thrown a diaper pack since then. I have about more than a dozen diaper wrappers stashed in one of my eco-bags. So, you can only guess how delighted I was to find out that their yearly Birthday Party Promo is back + this time 300 lucky mums will win a McDonald’s Birthday Party for their kiddos!

This year might just well be the last year Jared will be using diapers, I can see signs of a looming potty training coming very soon + what a good way to end it by winning in this EQ promo, right? I will be mailing my entries soon so I am keeping my fingers {+ toes, too!} crossed! 😀

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By the way, here are the mechanics for this promo:

  1. Send in the required number of EQ diaper packs together with your name, address, contact number, email, signature, baby’s name + baby’s birthday {written on the envelope or in an enclosed piece of paper} to JS Unitrade Merchandise Inc.
  2. You can either hand-carry or mail your entries. You can also drop them at any participating McDonald’s outlets nationwide
  3. For details about this promo you can check out this link: https://www.jsunitrade.com/images/eq/eq_mcdo_back1_2012.gif, as not even the EQ Dry Facebook page or website has the relevant information

Also, thought I’d share the brown EQ Diaper packs with Thursday Brownies 🙂

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  1. i’m keeping my fingers crossed, too. I still have lots of EQ packs at home but not joined in any of their promo yet. It’s just that I am too lazy to prepare my entries haha. kakaririn ko na talaga ngayon, sayang ang chance eh 😀

    1. if we were neighbors, i’d volunteer to prepare your entries for you sis, sayang naman ang mga diaper packs, instead of throwing them away, you might win a prize pa, diba? 🙂

    1. aww! too bad sis 🙁 i hope you won’t forget to send your entries this time around. you might win a birthday party for Una at McDonalds, + don’t forget to invite us, right? Good luck ^_^

  2. what a great giveaway Sis, am sure the Mommies that has toddlers will love them 🙂 Visiting from Thursday Brownies, hope that you can return the visit too.

  3. Winning something is always exciting, especially if the prizes products you love or really wanna have…

    Thanks for linking up sis, enjoy your week!

  4. EQ baby din si Iris since birth..minsan we use Pampers if EQ size for her not available.. sayang! i throw them..as in sobrang dami na sana.. never know naman kasi na pinapalitan pala nila yung mga used packs..huhuhu..
    Visiting from Thursday Brownies #31
    My TB Entry .Have a nice day!

  5. ay sayang dami ko na natapon since nanganak ako nito lang december pero madami parin akong eq dito sa house, mag mula nung nakita ko ung sa commercial ng macdo save ko na mga wraper kasidream ko talaga mag bday anak ko sa mcdo even ung sa panganay ko kaso syempre mahirap lang walang budget, eq din gamit ko sa panganay ko sayang may mga promo palang pa bday, help me nmn po kung panu mag member at pati po ba dto sa nasugbu batangas e kasai sa promo, sana nmn at sana manalo ang baby ko, thanks po and more power po sa inyo.

    1. hello there Cleofe, you can check out the Facebook page of EQ Dry, they got all the details there. I am not connected with them, I am simply sharing this promo with my readers, so those who use EQ can join, too. Sasali din kasi ako. Good luck, sana you win a party for your child 😀

  6. ola! im here again, thanks for your advice, ill just check the details at fb page, thanks again and God bless you po… 😉

  7. hoping na by next year meron pa ulit kayong promo para ung ibang hindi pa nanalo lyk me my chance pang mag celebrate ng bonga 😆 na never pang na try ng baby ko GOD bless EQ

  8. same here! with three kids, imagine how many packs I got:) nice ang mga prizes nila di ba? Although, with their latest promo, I might not be able to join:( hubby got annoyed with the tons of packs I hid somewhere around our bodega that he threw them all:(
    good luck to you anyway 🙂

  9. since in my nephew were really enjoy to joined there promo in EQ bday party until now even wen i have my own kid,and still hoping to win naman. 😆

  10. i have lot’s of eq dry wrappers, 1st time to join in ur promos, im soooo xcited to received an animal toys for my babies, i lav it sooo much, nakaktipid talaga me using eq diapers… kip it up guys…

    1. ganon? dami na rin ako empty packs nang eq diaper.. sayang naman, naitapon ko na ibang empty packs.. since birth kasi, eq na ginagamit baby ko.. pwede b ko sasali? layo ko kasi..

      1. anyone from anywhere from the country can join, you can send your entries in regional offices of JS Unitrade or you can also mail it to them. The prizes will be shipped anyway! join now + don’t throw your EQ packs, they have contests + giveaways all-year round! 😉

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