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That I am such a pack rat works well to my advantage sometimes. Well, I must admit I’ve got a few nice items for the little man from EQ Diapers {I got this cute green frog table + an alphabet wooden book, plus they also send a nice card on Jared’s birthday!} that I have never thrown a diaper pack since then. I have about more than a dozen diaper wrappers stashed in one of my eco-bags. So, you can only guess how delighted I was to find out that their yearly Birthday Party Promo is back + this time 300 lucky mums will win a McDonald’s Birthday Party for their kiddos!

This year might just well be the last year Jared will be using diapers, I can see signs of a looming potty training coming very soon + what a good way to end it by winning in this EQ promo, right? I will be mailing my entries soon so I am keeping my fingers {+ toes, too!} crossed! :D

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By the way, here are the mechanics for this promo:

  1. Send in the required number of EQ diaper packs together with your name, address, contact number, email, signature, baby’s name + baby’s birthday {written on the envelope or in an enclosed piece of paper} to JS Unitrade Merchandise Inc.
  2. You can either hand-carry or mail your entries. You can also drop them at any participating McDonald’s outlets nationwide
  3. For details about this promo you can check out this link:, as not even the EQ Dry Facebook page or website has the relevant information

Also, thought I’d share the brown EQ Diaper packs with Thursday Brownies :)

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