i wish i were a professional photographer

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photography, family

With a subject as beautiful as this little fellow, who wouldn’t wish that, right? I would’ve loved to take  photographs of special and random occasions as mementos + so far, all I’ve really taken are mediocre shots that fail to give justice to my very beautiful subject.

Photos have been a part of my family since time immemorial. If my memory serves me right, as Papa mentioned this in one of his stories only a few times, my grandfather {from Papa’s side} was a photographer in Pampanga during the Japanese occupation. Back in the days when SLR or digital cameras have yet to be invented, we are among the chosen few who own a Kodak camera {the ones where you have to put strips of film in it, remember those? :)} in our place. My father saw to it that every milestone or special occasion is captured in films for posterity.

photography, family

I guess that kinda rubbed in on me when it was my turn to become a parent. I remember taking all those photographs of the little man when he was merely several days old + every other day is just another excuse or reason to take some more photos! 🙂 Those photos are great reminder of the what-have-been’s + they sure are a great way to chronicle my son’s growth + development. My, look at how he’s grown from that little chinky-eyed bundle of joy judging from his 28-month old photo.

I just wish I were a professional photographer so I can capture captivating + breathtaking photos. If I have the time + resources, I would love to enroll in one of those formal lessons, with a dc photographer, even, just so I can learn the rudiments of photography. It will be a much worthwhile experience to look back at those amazing photos when Jared is all grown up, right? Oh well, I guess I have to manage improving at the craft anyhow, who knows, maybe after a lot of practice or several thousand shots, I will finally learn how to take photos the professional way. ^_^

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog for dc photographer and was compensated. The views + opinions are 100% my own, however.

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  1. we have the same wish, to be a professional photographer for our kids.I have DLSR ands gadget but still not doing a good job in photography.

  2. Hi Vix! Jared is so gwapo. 🙂 I took so much photos when the kids were born that there was no real significant changes from one day or another, yet photo is precious. I hardly delete blurred photos even. 🙂 I took a digital photography lesson last year and amidst those with DSLRs, I used my Canon IXUS P&S. It’s all about knowing your cam’s limits an working it to your advantage. Of course, angles and the “eye” is important. I’m no pro but those are just some tips I keep in mind when I shoot and a lot of times, I get hits over the misses. 🙂 BTW, thanks for your comment on our family vid/ photos from last year… do you know, ALL of them were taken by P&S and my pro-photog friend said they look semi-pro hahaha.

  3. You’re son looks so adorable!! I bet you already got tons of his pictures as he is growing up. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. Your son looks so adorable!! I bet you already got tons of his pictures as he is growing up. Thanks for sharing this!:)

  5. 20 years ago manual camera was used to capture memorable moments in everyone’s life, from birth to dirt. Wherein a skillful photographer was in demand at that time. In order for a person to have better shots of his subject or object to be photographed, he must know the rudiments of photography like the opening of the lenses, the shutter speed, the distance, and light, and even the weather condition. But now, you don’t need to be an expert. Everything is done automatically. As long as you know how to follow simple instruction. As long as your digital camera is full in battery, the memory card has enough space to store the pictures. Everything as I have said is automatic. No hassle! No worry!

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  6. kids always make a nice subject for photography for me and I bet for all moms out there too.

    when taking pictures of a certain subject i don’t just snap once but few times as possible. that way you can single out what you have taken the best.

    just a tip. 😀 i am not a professional photographer either but somehow it works, 😀

  7. me too I am not that professional to take a pictures basta point and shoot lang at automatic, at buti nalng di nafilm ang used now kahit ulit ulitin pede hanggang masatisfy lang

  8. Hello po! I’m one of the many frustrated photographers but what the heck! I believe my photos are great (although I have to admit those are usually without people in it hehe). But yours are wonderfully…your first picture simply made me smile.

    for lessons I suggest you check out YouTube or Google na lang po for free lessons in photography. I have a friend who does it and he’s so good at taking pictures using only his phone (even my sister’s good at it). He practiced focusing on angles and lighting 🙂

    aja aja lang po 🙂

  9. Being a pro is good, but I don’t think you need to be one to take memorable and quality photos. My parents weren’t but they took good photos of us when we were kids. I think when you have the heart for photography or at least for your subjects (that cute little baby, for one), you’ll naturally develop a good eye for photography. 🙂

  10. If you wish to be one, then you’d better start it as a hobby right now. Learn to accept that in the beginning your photos may either be sucky or so-so, but eventually you’ll get better.

    This is what i plan to do. haha

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