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With a subject as beautiful as this little fellow, who wouldn’t wish that, right? I would’ve loved to take  photographs of special and random occasions as mementos + so far, all I’ve really taken are mediocre shots that fail to give justice to my very beautiful subject.

Photos have been a part of my family since time immemorial. If my memory serves me right, as Papa mentioned this in one of his stories only a few times, my grandfather {from Papa’s side} was a photographer in Pampanga during the Japanese occupation. Back in the days when SLR or digital cameras have yet to be invented, we are among the chosen few who own a Kodak camera {the ones where you have to put strips of film in it, remember those? :)} in our place. My father saw to it that every milestone or special occasion is captured in films for posterity.

photography, family

I guess that kinda rubbed in on me when it was my turn to become a parent. I remember taking all those photographs of the little man when he was merely several days old + every other day is just another excuse or reason to take some more photos! :) Those photos are great reminder of the what-have-been’s + they sure are a great way to chronicle my son’s growth + development. My, look at how he’s grown from that little chinky-eyed bundle of joy judging from his 28-month old photo.

I just wish I were a professional photographer so I can capture captivating + breathtaking photos. If I have the time + resources, I would love to enroll in one of those formal lessons, with a dc photographer, even, just so I can learn the rudiments of photography. It will be a much worthwhile experience to look back at those amazing photos when Jared is all grown up, right? Oh well, I guess I have to manage improving at the craft anyhow, who knows, maybe after a lot of practice or several thousand shots, I will finally learn how to take photos the professional way. ^_^

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