i won: flip flops + a pink vs

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giveaway winnings, products

On 03 January, I got a message on Facebook telling me that I won in the Carefree Panda Holiday Giveaway! {click on the badge below to check the giveaway post} I got P1,500 worth of shopping codes to spend on Carefree Shopper online shop. I was so excited to spend my prize so I hurriedly went to the site to check out their items. They carry numerous  make-ups + perfumes, mostly imported brands, but what really caught my attention are the flip flops + the undergarments ^_^

i won, giveaway winnings, products

I have always loved underwear + back in the days, I used to spend a great portion of my salary for undergarments. So when I saw this pink Victoria Secret bikini, I just knew that I had to get it. I also got these lovely items, as well:

  • 2 pairs of Old Navy Metallic Silver Flip flops {at P375 each} for me + my sister
  • A black polka dot Victoria Secret bikini
I just had to mention that Armie from Carefree Shopper is easily one of the nicest online shop owners I’ve talked to. Although I had to wait for a few days for a reply on my queries, she shipped my items immediately after we finalized the transaction + I got the package the next day, a fast + seamless transaction 🙂 My heartfelt thanks goes out to Ina, of course, for this post-Christmas loot. It was a great experience shopping without spending my own money, I could get used to this.  ^_^

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