i won: just a giveaway by gen online ads

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i won, giveaway winnings, from my mailbox

In the beginning of 2012, I got another wonderful news, telling me that I won yet another giveaway, + this time around it was thru this giveaway announcement post telling me that I won a beauty stuff from Just A Giveaway By Gen Online Ads.

I got the package last week containing this lovely glossy lip tint, which I cannot wait to open + try. I love that it has a very delicious flavor + I cannot wait to use it. My lips are prone to dryness + chapping that this is a perfect beauty loot for me, plus, it is actually the only beauty stuff I can apply with much dexterity! ^_^

Thank you, Mommy Gen for this wonderful gift + here’s to more awesome giveaways in the future. By the way, thought I’d share the purple lip gloss package with Crazy Over Purple Meme ­čÖé

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  1. oooh! lip gloss! that’s my staple beauty loot. ­čśÇ it’s never missing from my vanity kit, along with cheek tint and powder. ­čÖé thanks for joining COPS! enjoy your glossy tint! ­čśŤ

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