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the little man playing in one of our occasional weekend meet up with friends

Time indeed flies + a few months from now, I shall be busy looking for a possible play school for the little man. Even his pedia agrees that he needed to be surrounded with children his age so he can use up all the unspent energy + stop being so rowdy + boisterous in sight of little children or whenever I tag him along for an errand or an afternoon out.

We did, in fact, visited a pre-school a few minutes from our place + the little man was so delighted with our visit. But I thought he is not yet ready for a 5-day a week classes, especially for a 7am Friday PE class. Come on, he is just a toddler after all + I don’t think such a full week schedule is appropriate for a 2-year-old-and-four-month boy. I am thinking more of an informal class set up where he can get to play with little kids. Something like a 3-day engagement each week perhaps, wit the appropriate occasional doodle/color/writing exercise, maybe.

I have actually searched online but came up with nothing, so I guess I just have to ask around for more information or explore a bit more of our new community. Here are a few pointers I will keep in mind when I hunt for a preschool for the little man:

  • a 10-student-or-less per class set up will be most ideal
  • a progressive school that fashions its curriculum depending on the capabilities of the students
  • not more than half-an-hour away from where we live so the little man won’t be much tired from the long drive
  • one that offers an afternoon class which I can fit perfectly into our schedule
  • of course, one that would fit well within our budget, too!
I just wish I will be successful soon enough. A mummy friend of mine, Moi, is very fortunate to find the perfect pre-school near their place + has enrolled her little tot, Rylan, last November. If only we live nearer, I’d probably enroll Jared there, too! Oh well, I know it is not like we were searching for a university where the little man will get a masters in business administration, but, I believe that finding the right pre-school for my son will be very crucial in instilling in him the love to learn + be educated, so I will be careful to choose wisely! 🙂

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  1. masters already and you already know its business ad… 🙂 … you really had figured out everything for him mummy hehe. great points in choosing his school by the way. Yahweh bless.

  2. It’s really hard looking for the perfect school.. specially play school. isn’t Jared too baby for school?

    1. yup, still a baby for school mommy, that is why am looking hopefully for a play school, wala kasi sya kalaro dito sa bahay. para ma-expose sya sa ibang bata sana…

  3. I really agree about this finding an opportunity for them to expend their extra energy. Dindin can also become hyper and not sleep early if she did not have enough physical activity for the day! LOL We’ll see when schools starts 😀

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