my little man is 29 months old today!

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motherhood, weekends, milestones, jared's nook jared's nook, parenting, motherhood, milestones, weekendsjared's nook, milestones, motherhood, parenting, weekendsjared's nook, motherhood, milestones, weekends

How quickly time flies, I still remember the day when my son would fit into my folded arms perfectly like it was yesterday. The days zoomed by + now I am not sure where have all those times gone? I now have this not-so-little toddler, that when not everyone is presuming he’s 4 years old, they are inquiring rather curiously whether how old he is. A few months from now + I will have a true-blue three-year old + as much as I am thrilled at the possibility of him going to play school soon + mum bringing him there armed with all the accoutrements needed for every toddler activity at play school, I just wish time would run a little slower so I have some more time to baby my little man.

I miss those days when we celebrate his turning a month older, just before he turned one. We’d have a little celebration at home: buy a cake, cook pasta or something + take loads of photos! Nowadays, I make sure to inform him that it is indeed his month-birthday + we’d sometimes do something fun or go to the mall to spend the afternoon there. Much like we did yesterday 🙂 He is needing a hair cut quite badly so that was our main reason for going to the mall.

But we ended up enjoying this particular mall visit much more than we expected. Except for the occasional tantrum + being his usual rowdy self, + the episode at the kiddie salon, we ended up getting a round at the fun ride, which I had promised Jared earlier {told him we’d ride if he’ll have his hair cut done today, when he simply can’t take his eyes off the colorful + moving giant eggs}. He’s totally enjoyed the experience + gone is the trace of that little man who has this fear of riding anything that moves, even managing to waive + smile at his tita who was taking our photographs back down.

jared's nook, milestones, motherhood, weekends

The little man also managed to sit still at the restaurant while we are eating, had a few spoons of rice + kaldereta + huge sips of mum’s iced tea before he decided to get back to his cart + play with the curious boy from the table behind us.

jared's nook, shopping, products, children's apparel

We also ended up hauling a few cute items for Jared, including a pair of Mickey Mouse sunnies, a nice green Dublin shirt with a big 94 written on it, a pair of Mickey Mouse flip flops + a few baby essentials, too. I thought I’d get him a potty trainer, too, but the little green shirt won me over, so I decided to get it instead + buy the potty next time 🙂

Needless to say, I was broke by the time we got home, but it was all good. The precious moments with my little man + the look on Jared’s face as he smiles with delight is simply priceless.

Happy 29th month, my precious one. Know that mum loves you with all that she is!

Sharing this with Family Time + Mommy Moments + thought I’d share the pink fun ride with Pink Fridays, too 😛

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  1. Hi Jared’s mum!

    Welcome back to my blog! Thank you for your compliments but actually I’m really a lazy mum, if you noticed, most of the dishes are either oats, pancakes or pasta 😛 I really gotta buckle up and be more hardworking and creative!

    As for recipes, sure sure will do so! 🙂

    Btw, happy 29 months old to your darling! Time flies so fast!

  2. you both look like had great day at the mall, i love the smiles. he’s looking so handsome…daming shopping ni baby jared! belated happy 29 months old to your little one. visiting from PF, hope to see you around. have a great week. 🙂

    1. dami nga sis, pag kasi stuff nya ang bibilhin hindi ako nagse-second thoughts. 😀 thanks so much, heading to your blog now! 🙂

  3. sis ang laki laki n nya…parang kelan lang ano? hehehe ang cute cute pa nya! 🙂 Happy 29 mos 😀 happy fam time!

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