one of my favorites in 2011 – the incubus concert

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One of my favorite things in 2011 is the July 27 Incubus concert in Manila. It was one of the best events I’ve been in, a perfect me-time. It was a good thing my brother agreed to babysit the little man for me so I get to enjoy this concert sans the usual worries of mums whenever we go out on our own + leave the kiddos at home.

I have not posted about this event before + here is the post that’s been sitting on my hard drive since September:

incubus, events, music, shows

 If Not Now, When? Incubus Live in Manila

It was either my birthday came exactly a month earlier or Christmas arrived 5 months in advanced! That is what I am feeling while we braved the rain + traversed the wet road en-route to the Smart -Araneta Center in Cubao on the rainy, Thursday afternoon of July 28. My most favorite band is coming to play live tonight + I was all psyched to rock out the entire evening. I was only too grateful that my bro, Ken, agreed to take the child-minding post whilst this mum had a great time.

The queue was long + endless when we arrived, some were even lining up in the middle of the soaking rain just so they can gain entrance to the concert venue ahead of the others. We hurriedly looked for the end of the queue to fall in line. I also wandered to the ticketing window of the Araneta Coliseum to check whether tickets are still on sale. I, being lucky + all, will be watching an Incubus concert in the front row for the third time around, but Jared’s dad failed to buy one for himself as mine was the only ticket left the last time he checked with Ticketnet. It was probably serendipitous that I forgot my phone on his dashboard + he went looking for me instead of the original plan of going home after dropping us off. + what’s even greater news is that they are still selling Upper Box tickets still, so I quickly looked for him + we made a beeline to the ticket window to purchase his entry to this concert.

incubus, music, events, shows
megalomaniac - the opening song

We then find our separate entrances to get into the concert venue. It was cold + chilling inside the Araneta but everyone is pumped up with energy + anticipation! A lot of people came down to watch Incubus + I know they will not go home disappointed.

Franco opened the show this time around, but I guess you could not blame me, their set came + went with a blur as I highly anticipated Brandon Boyd + the rest of the boys! {+ fixing the setting of my digicam on the side, with the hopes of capturing my favorite band in full-blown Technicolor!}

After a few hours of waiting, the lights faded one more time to signal the beginning of the show, a few strains of the guitar + a few beat from the drum, the crowd went crazy + cheered in the band with the debut single off A Crow Left of the Murder album, Megalomaniac! Everyone rocked the night out, enjoying every bit of incubus as we could.

incubus, shows, events, music

The show’s setlist:

  1. Megalomaniac
  2. Wish You Were Here
  3. Consequence
  4. Pardon Me
  5. Annamolly
  6. Love Hurts
  7. Circles
  8. Look Alive
  9. Promises, Promises
  10. The Warmth
  11. Drive
  12. Sick Sad Little World
  13. Isadore
  14. Glass
  15. Talk Shows On Mute
  16. Adolescents
  17. A Crow Left Of the Murder


  1. I Miss You
  2. Wolves
  3. Nice To Know You

Incubus delivered as usual. They played a lot of my all-time favorite including “The Warmth,” which I have never seen them played live before + a host of other oldies from past albums. It was one rockin’ experience + even though a wide mosh pit separates me from the stage even if I purchased a front row ticket, it was all good! Now I have to save up for some front row tickets for when they return in 4 years. That’s still a long way to go, so maybe I can save up for a couple^_^

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