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mum's thoughts, family, friends, me-time, orange tuesdays, weekendsOne of the things that I love about December is meeting up with my lifelong friends. Busy with their own families + affairs, we hardly have enough time to catch up on each other all throughout the year. The Christmas holidays are the only chance we had at meeting up + rekindling old, familiar friendships. And last December was equally special as one of our friends, Ella, was here for a short vacation. She’s working in the US + has stayed there for over a year now.

mum's thoughts, family, friends, me-time, orange tuesdays, weekends

After our Gerry’s Grill get-together earlier last month, we decided the time was not nearly enough to catch up on each other + agreed to meet again. So, after a few weeks, on the 17th, we agreed to meet up, this time at Med’s place to resume the chit chats + the merrymaking ­čśÇ

simple pleasures, friends, meet ups, weekends

As usual, it was once again an afternoon of good times, good food + good company. Our hostess for the day whipped up one delectable feast for everyone to share + enjoy. We simply loved the fried tilapia paired with fried eggplant + dipped in bagoong {shrimp paste} with chopped tomatoes + onions! I also loved the dish that Ella brought. It had corns + carrots + greens in it, together with meat. It was such a great experience to eat home-cooked meals other than mine for a change ­čśë

simple pleasures, weekend, parenting, me-time, friends, family

We spent the whole afternoon telling stories + getting ourselves stuffed! +, more importantly, the little man get to spend an entire afternoon of instant playdate-fun with my friends’ kiddos, too. He had the time of his life running, exploring, climbing up + down the stairs, tumbling a bit, + bonding with his new ate’s Eunice, Princess, Kaye + Aydel! If only for the precious smile on my little man’s face, I wouldn’t mind meeting up with my friends every weekend ­čÖé

I shall tell you all about our third + fourth weekend meet ups in future posts. Am also sharing the little man’s orange “dad’s little champion shirt” with Orange Tuesdays…

By the way, the images are not mine, grabbed it from my friend Jhe’s facebook album! ­čÖé

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  1. Weekend meet ups are great, specially to us who works at home, it is the best time to unwind and get out of our pjs ­čÖé

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