an open-source health + wellness innovation program by Unilab

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Unilab, the leading pharmaceutical company in the country + maker of most of our well-loved brands, including Ceelin, Ph Care, Medicol, Neozep, Nutroplex, Biogesic + Myra, among others, launches its very first open-source program for innovations in healthcare through Unilab Link-Up, an online facility where innovators, suppliers, and consumers alike can submit their innovative ideas for new and improved health and wellness products, services, packaging, and manufacturing technologies.

Considered the first of its kind for a Filipino pharmaceutical and healthcare company, Unilab Link-Up serves as an open-door facility that matches an innovative idea from practically anyone in the country with the resources of Unilab to bring the idea to market. The program also aims to provide solutions to health and wellness needs of Filipinos that have yet to be addressed by existing products and services in the country.

Unilab, products, Here’s more from the press release:

“For many years we’ve drawn from our internal resources and expertise to come up with trusted quality healthcare products. Now, we’re broadening our sources of innovation to include not only our internal resources, but also our partners, customers, and consumers; thus the Unilab Link-up,” Unilab President & CEO Clinton Campos Hess enthused.

Unilab Link-up also welcomes innovation ideas for functional foods, packaging, manufacturing technologies, and wellness services, apart from health and wellness products. Interested parties can now register through to be able to submit an idea. Submissions go through a four-level review process by an idea-review body, with corresponding rewards for the innovation partner as the idea progresses into the review levels until the idea is launched in the market.

“Link up with us and together let’s explore the exciting possibilities of your ideas. You’re ideas could be the start of something big,” invites Hess.

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