event: it only hurts when i pee, a book launching

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I have received numerous invites for upcoming events which I sadly have to turn down as my full-time mum schedule won’t allow me. This book launching invite is no exception. Too bad since judging from the email i got this might just be a very exciting book launching.
Here’s part of the press release for the event:
In a country riveted by an impeachment trial, in a world with economic uncertainty, in a universe threatened by doomsday predictions, writer and yaya’s boy RJ Ledesma asks the important questions:
Why can’t men pee straight into the toilet bowl? What is it like for a man to get a Brazilian wax? If you hold in a fart, will you implode? And why are our testicles smaller than that of a chimpanzee’s?
Interesting + intriguing enough, right? Anyway if you will be luckier that I am + will have some time to spare come Monday night, do not forget to check out¬†as three-time best seller and 30th National Book Awards finalist launches his fourth humor book IT ONLY HURTS WHEN I PEE, RJ Ledesma’s Guide to Bodily Gases, Hair Loss and Pink Parts‘ on February 20, Monday, 6PM at Powerbooks, Greenbelt 4, Makati City + yes, come and bring your pink parts! ūüôā

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