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I am loving my gorgeous Google+ widget now! Won’t you agree? 🙂 A couple of weeks back I just had this big red logo directing to my Google+ Page. + I was only admiring the cool G+ widget on other blogs I visit. It was therefore quite serendipitous that I stumbled upon this very easy tutorial on how to make a Google+ badge + as the post promised, it was indeed very easy, I had my shiny new badge in a few minutes.

So, how did I made this badge? Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the big blue “Get Widget” button to start
  3. The “Settings” tab will appear
  4. Go to your Google+ Page to get your Google+ ID, which are the series of numbers in the last part of your Google+ url. For example, in my url,, the series of numbers in bold is my ID.
  5. Enter those numbers in the appropriate box
  6. The “Get Widget” button will be replaced by an orange “Get Code,” simply highlight the code + paste it to wherever you want your badge to be + you are all set!
  7. You can also edit your badge by toggling in between the different tabs in the “Settings” part. If you want to alter the size or the font in your badge, for instance, go to “Basic Settings” or if you’d like to change the “Add me on” title, go to the “Title” tab, instead.
That’s it! You can now brag about your badge + ask your friends to follow you, too {don’t forget to follow mine, right}!Pretty simple, right? + if you hear that spoken by me, who always have trouble with codes + what-nots, you have to believe that it is indeed simple! ^_^
Note: If my instructions baffled you, you can always click on the linkie for an illustrated tutorial ^_^

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  1. From the looks of it, this is the easiest Google+ widget to adapt to a blog. It’s better than the standard widgets by Google itself. Thanks for the info.

  2. Google plus is really a necessity in your website! Akin kasi ginawa ko lang link lang sa google+ profile because I didn’t have any idea on how to install the widget. Thanks for sharing this one.

  3. ever since, i never really understand how google plus works and how it could help blogs. anyway i’ll visit again here to fully understand the whole thing. thanks.

  4. hi dear! did try this tutorial! finally i have one na in my blogspot. hope it work in my wordpress because i was trying to put the GFC box as well but i cannot. maybe u can have a tutorial as well how em i gonna put the GFC box on my wordpress!! pls. email me anyone who would like to help thx! xx =D god bless! ~janE~

    1. i had the same problem before, nage-error ang sidebar whenever i add new widgets, nawawala lahat sila so i had add everything all over again, good thing okay na sya ngaun. i hope mag-okay na ung blog mo 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I didn’t yet tinker my google+ since I cannot let go of facebook this time. But pretty soon, I will run through the whole google+ and see what’s in there.

  6. I haven’t taken advantage of G+ yet and I think itt’s really about time that I do… thanks for this 😀

    1. i hope it gets up in no time so you can create one of your own, sis! you’re welcome, glad to be of help 🙂

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