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Yes, I do! I have been on a roll since December when I tasted these delectable California Maki from the Christmas fair at our town’s capitol. I was so smitten I had to go back to the fair a few times just so I can buy some more of these goodies. I only tried the ones in Tokyo, Tokyo + I must say the ones sold locally is at par with those sold at the famous food chain. They are freshly prepared, in fact, when I bought my very first batch, the owner of the booth has just finished preparing a new batch of makis to sell. She even provided free sampler, which I cannot turn down, of course. A 6-piece pack sells for 50 bucks {about $1.25}, which I guess fits my budget perfectly.

I have been craving for these little orange goodies, that I was glad I found some at the supermarket when we went to the mall on Sunday. I bought a 10-piece pack for Php 90. It was good but I find it a little dry for my taste. I ate the other half for dinner + ate the remaining the next day.

I can eat California Maki everyday + I won’t get tired of it, but, sadly, I can only buy it from the grocers whenever we visit the mall. I hope I can find the seller from the trade fair soon enough. Or maybe, I’d search for recipes online + see if I can make a homemade version of it! ^_^

Sharing the orange Makis in my orange little plate with Orange Tuesdays :)

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