money woes

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money matter, money talks

If money should grow on trees then I guess all of us will be happy! It will be a Utopian dream, imagine not having to worry about your budget for the rest of our lives? 🙂

But it is a given fact that financial problems will continue to haunt us as long as we live, given that there are constant bills to pay + needs to purchase and acquire that prompts us to part, albeit sadly, with our hard-earned money not much longer after our much-awaited payday. The lot of us will then make a beeline to the nearest local micro-lending companies to somehow help us stretch the monthly budget just a little bit more, or at least, until our next payday. I have been on this boat on one too many occasions when I still had a regular 9-5 job. It was only 3 years ago that I decided to call it quits with my last job so I can stay at home full-time + care for my little man.

Being a full-time mum, with no regular source of income to boast of + bank on, actually makes the financial woes worse. Imagine worrying about the bills + not having the means to pay them when they are due. Besides the monthly bills, of course I also need to worry about my little one’s needs: milk, diapers, vaccination, to name a few. Raising a child is no cheap business, you see, it requires a considerable amount of money to ensure that you are giving the best that you can afford to your beloved little angel. + even if my son’s dad is doing his best to provide for us, I know there are times that his income will not suffice. I am just glad that I was able to find ways to earn extra doing some online works. They work wonders in augmenting the family income.

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