nice to know you wednesday on a weekend + a giveaway

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Nice To Know You Wednesday has been on an unplanned hiatus for a while now, I planned to revive it just in time for February, but I guess I have been quite preoccupied with home chores + childminding that I was not able to find the time to post one. Oh well, am only too glad I was able to do so now + hopefully a lot of you will join us again for another round of NTKYW q + a! 🙂

By the way, all the participants are qualified for a special raffle. What’s up for grabs? A Diamond Peel Gift Certificate at Diana Stalder worth Php1,000 {for Metro Manila residents}. All you have to do is link up in this week’s Nice To Know You Wednesday + sign up using the Rafflecopter widget below + you qualify! Easy-as-pie! 🙂 For international participants, don’t you worry, I have a surprise for you next week 🙂

Now on wit our 5 questions for the day:

1. How’s 2012 been treating you so far?

2. What’s the latest thing you got in the mail?

3. Mums like us can be very busy + would almost always have a hard time finding time for ourselves, so what have you done for your “me-time” lately?

4. What is the last thing you bought for yourself just because?

5. Received any good news lately?

My answers:

  1. 2012 is treating me very kindly. Apart from the regular hectic day at home + the occasional mum-tantrum, February is turning out so well + I hope the rest of the year will be the same.
  2. The latest thing I received from the mail is the watch I ordered early last month from an online groupon site, which I will blog about soon 🙂
  3. For my me-time, I finished “Eat, Pray, Love,” the book I set out to finish last month. It seemed like an impossible task, but I managed to squeeze it into my day-to-day activity + finished it just in time. I will post a review about it, too! I am now in my book for February, “Safe Haven,” by Nicholas Sparks + I cannot wait to finish it! I am also lining up having a haircut + a manicure/pedicure session for my next me-time 🙂
  4. Last month I bought a few paperbacks, just because I love buying books + collecting them. I am also collecting Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series + I am happy to note that I am only 2 books away to completing it! Well, okay, I also happen to win a $25 e-bay GC, which made those book purchase possible!
  5. The best news I received lately is courtesy of the recent pr updates by Google, + what do you know, this mum blog is now pr3! Woot!
Now, wait for the Raffecopter widget to load, so you can join our giveaway 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I cannot wait to read your answers, the linkie will be open until next Wednesday, so you will have more time to link up. Hopefully I can do this regularly from here on, too! Blessed be!

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  1. sana maka join ako sis..hindi rin ako nakahabol sa KIDS..hays…wala na akong online life talaga.. hehehe..
    wow!!!!!! PR3! deserve it sis..
    ako yung new domina ng baby blog ko nagkaPR1 na.. the rest PR1 pa rin..improving lang yung shengkayful ko na fashion and lifestyle blog na hindi naman na-a-update pero naging PR2! hehehe.. sana magka-opps na yun..hehehe..have a nice day sis..
    ..oh..yung sa gift check pwede ba sali ako if i win give ko yan sa BFF ko na nasa Laguna lang.. okay lang ba?…thanks!

    1. swaah, thank you sis! i was so surprised when i found out that my pr has increased.

      sure thing, sis, go ahead + join! good luck! ^_^

  2. joined the meme and the giveaway, too, sis. 😛 thank you so much for this opportunity. oh, and congratulations on your PR3 blog. i miss reading. it’s one of my passions. kaya lang too busy with work. 🙂 i hope to get to read a good book soon. 🙂

  3. 🙂 Thank you Vix for inviting me to join your blog meme. It’s my first time to do so, so please bear with me if I did not do much justice on my blog post. Hoping to win!

    1. you are doing a-ok for a first timer, sis, you just forgot to link up your meme entry on the linky, but i have that taken care of. thanks so much :0

    1. i read a number of Sparks’ books mommy pero most of them are borrowed. I am just starting to collect my own copies pag merong budget to spare 🙂

      thanks Mommy! 🙂

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