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Back in the days I am not really that much of a fan of medicine + pills, the less I do about them, the better. I am not really that sickly + I would only have the proverbial cough + colds once or twice in a year + that is it,  otherwise I have a clean bill of health all-year round.

It was an entirely different ballgame when I got pregnant. It became a daily part of my system to pop those supplements + vitamins to ensure that I + the little peanut inside me will be in the pink of healthy in the duration of my pregnancy + beyond.

There were more pills + prescription drugs when I gave birth as I was a C-section. Antibiotics need to be taken a few times everyday to be sure the wounds would heal faster + I won’t have any infections or other complications.

Nowadays, I take Vitamin C daily just to be sure I will be less susceptible to diseases + to give my immune system a much needed boost. + about 4 days ago, I have also started taking Vitamin E. Apart from being good for the heart, Vitamin E is also good for the skin. With all the stress full-time parenting entails, with having less time to care for myself, I needed that extra help to keep my skin healthy-looking + well-hydrated. This particular vitamin I am taking even promises younger-looking skin in 10 days, so I guess we’ll see in a few days if it is effective for me 🙂

women health, orange tuesdays

It was also a good thing that this particular brand of Vitamin E is currently having a promo. I got 4 pieces for free when I purchased 16 pieces, that’s a lot of savings already 🙂

What vitamins + supplements are you taking?

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I was not compensated for this post but was merely sharing a product I have tried lately.

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  1. hi sis!
    Open na rin sa wakas ang OT ko..
    was not able to blog last week..
    balikan ko na lang ang NTKYW…
    promise na yun! sasali ako..hehehe..

    1. kita ko nga sis, I have a post for it na e..link up ko na lang 🙂

      yup please join NTKYW ha? I also have a giveaway included + another giveaway here in mumwrites + on Jared’s blog, hoping you can join them all. thanks 😀

    1. i wasn’t too fond of them, either, but i guess, as you grow older it became part of the territory to pop in those pills. mums like us need to be healthy all-year long to care for our children 🙂

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