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My little man has been a Nivea Baby Products user since he was a little baby. He was born with a very sensitive skin + when he was just a few months old he developed this rash/skin allergy that made his cheeks, neck + elbows red + blotchy. Since then I have been very careful with the products I use on his skin, to keep the allergies + the irritation that come with them, at bay.

It was a good thing I saw Nivea Baby Products one time I was browsing through racks upon racks of baby products on display at the baby section of this mall. What first caught my eyes was the note in the packaging saying that these products are hypoallergenic and reduce the  risk of allergies. Just what I am looking for exactly! I got the Smoothy Cream + the Head-To-Toe Wash for starters + I was hooked!

What I love about these baby products:

  • they are free from parabens, colorants + alcohol that may be harmful to my baby’s skin
  • they have especially skin-friendly ingredients
  • they are developed with dermatologists + pediatrician, + passed skin compatibility tests

baby products, product review, review, nivea baby products, parenting 101

My most favorite of the Nivea Baby Product line is the Smoothy Cream. It extensively nourishes my little  man’s sensitive skin which is very prone to dryness, as was formulated to be easily absorbed by the skin, keeping it well-hydrated longer. It contains natural calendula, which protects the skin by strengthening the skin barrier + with 24-hour continuous moisturizing action. It was made of non-greasy formula, too,  which makes massage time after bathing one fun + enjoyable bonding experience for both my baby + I. I also particularly love its mild + powdery scent, that is not too-overpowering + is perfect for my little one’s delicate senses.

baby products, review, product review, parenting 101, nivea baby products

product review, reviews, products, nivea baby products, motherhood, parenting 101,

My second best favorite of these items is the Nivea Baby Pure + Natural Baby Wipes, probably the softest baby wipes I have ever tried. Its cloth-like quality, + its patented design that makes cleaning easier,  makes it a perfect must-have in my baby bag. It also contains bio-chamomile, that soothes baby’s skin.   + what’s even better is that 98% of its ingredients came from natural origin + they are bio-degradable. In fact, you can even flush them down the toilet, just make sure you do not flush more than 5 wipes each time. 😉

baby products, product review, review, parenting, nivea baby products

I love how the Detangling + Conditioning Shampoo works on my little man’s hair. It gently cleanses + conditions his locks. It also has natural silk proteins that intensively cares the hair + easily smooths out tangles. It is also mild to babies’ sensitive eyes with its mild, pure-as-water, + eye-compatibility + opthalmologically-approved formulation. I love its smell, too, + the way it keeps my little man’s locks soft and tangle-free.

baby products, product reviews, reviews, parenting 101

It was my first time to use the Soothing Avena Soap, but I really love how it smells on my baby’s skin + how the smell goes well with the other Nivea Baby Products that you won’t worry your baby will have allergic reactions from the assortment of different scents assaulting his nose. It also effectively soothes + gently cleanses sensitive skin + has oat extracts which are said to have anti-irritant + anti-inflammatory properties + offers a lot of benefits to the skin, among them, successfully treating skin problems.

I swear by these baby products in effectively taking care of my baby’s sensitive skin, + don’t just take my word for it, grab one of these items the next time you swing by your grocer’s + give your baby the Nivea Baby experience.

For information about their products + useful baby skin care tips, don’t forget to like Nivea Baby Products on Facebook or visit the Nivea Baby Products Website.

I was provided these products for review purposes. Opinions + views are 100% my own, however.

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  1. i really love reading moms’ blogs.. this one caught my interest since i love searching something new and good for my baby. may i know the price of the avena soap?…. nivea shampoo?? thanks 😉

    1. thanks for stopping by my blog, am not sure about the Avena soap, since I was not able to buy one of those, but the nivea shampoo, i guess will range from Php170-190. 🙂

  2. where can i buy nivea baby products online? especially the nutri sensitive products. i’ve tried every baby product for my baby, but all of them leaves allergies results.. i would like to try nivea.

  3. It’s very difficult to read this article. Please do not substitute “+” for “and”. Write smart.

    1. thanks for the tip. If you will notice in my newer post, I have completely said goodbye to my “+s,” no matter how much I love them, in favor of writing smart. 🙂

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