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It is that time of the month again to say thanks to everyone who’ve been visiting here on a regular basis. Know that I look forward to reading all your comments, it was the first thing I check, in fact, whenever I log in to my dashboard. +, boy, don’t you just make my day! Thanks so much for stopping by + so without further ado, here are my top 10 commenters for the month of January:

 Baguio City (9)
 Jessica Cassidy (5)
 Leah H. (4)
Diva Fabulosa (3)
 Jonathan (3)
 redamethyst (3)
 sionee (3)
 AJ (2)
 bev (2)
 c5 @ (2)

+ as usual, as a token of my appreciation, the top 2 commenters’ badge will be up on my sidebar for the entire month. Baguio City + Jessica Cassidy, kindly send in your badge codes. Thanks so much + hope to see you again here soon ^_^

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