what to do when your mattress is a mess?

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Accidental spillage, spit-ups or mess? I guess you will get those a lot especially when you are living with a toddler. In fact, our week actually begin with one of those episodes early this morning + on a Monday, at that!

My little man have such a very sensitive tummy +, much to my worry, is so much prone to throwing up, especially when he is down with coughs + colds. Last night, for no apparent reason, though, he just threw up after finishing a bottle. It was a good thing I had enough sense to put him away from the sofa before he did. Saves me a lot of trouble, I tell you. Only, this morning me + the mattress was not that lucky. + I would ‘ve probably gone bonkers if I happen to have a memory foam mattress 🙁

So despite the gloomy, rainy weather, I had to wash the bedsheet + the pillow cases + mop the bedroom floor, too. I have to put off airing the mattress out until the sun is all sunny + up again, though. It was a good thing the mattress is not that messy this time around. I just have to turn it over so we can use it tonight.

Maybe it is high time I invest in one of those bed covers to prevent this episode from happening again in the future + from taking its toll on my mattress. Oh, in times like this don’t you just wish mattresses comes with their very own cleaners to save you all the trouble? But if your is much like mine, you can try these helpful tips:

  • the sun is a good + cheap natural deodorizer, so make it a habit to take your mattress outside at least once a month.
  • to remove urine stain, you can use a mixture of 1 part white vinegar + 2 parts dishwashing liquid. don’t forget to remove as much urine from the mattress using paper towels before applying the mixture. let it sit for 30 minutes before removing it with a clean, wet sponge.
  • to remove vomit odor from your mattress, pour a generous amount of baking soda on every area that is affected by the vomit. let that sit for about an hour after vacuuming the baking soda away. for good measures, spray your favorite fabric spray onto the mattress until it soaked. Air it out to dry.
To keep your mattress in good condition for the longest time, don’t forget to:
  • Turn it mattress over every 6 months to make sure it wears evenly
  • Remove dust that builds up on your mattress
  • Get your mattress a waterproof bed cover for extra safety measures
  • Put it outside for a good sun bathing to remove unpleasant odors 
  • Don’t let children make an improvised trampoline out of your bed + if possible, make sure they only use the bed for sleeping

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  1. Thank you for the tips…I think I will follow these steps first before opting to buy new mattress. They come expensive these daya and it pays to knwo how to properly care for it.

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