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Happy heart’s day everyone!

I don’t know about you, but since we don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s, it will just be business as usual in our corner of the world {read: diaper changing, endless bottle-feeding + blogging in between :)} nothing really fancy, my little man is quite too little to appreciate the occasion, anyway. + maybe I’d put off going to the cinema to watch The Vow or Unofficially Yours until this weekend.

But don’t let my very obtuse view of this special occasion for lovers dampen your mood. This day is but another perfect day to express how much you love your other half, so go ahead + give him those lavish gifts you’ve bought him early this year or treat him to that well-deserved spa treatment you have been raving about all weekend!

If you need to stay at home + watch over the kids on Valentine’s night, here are a few things you + your partner can do when the little ones are asleep:

  • update your family scrapbooks
  • make some pop corns + have a romantic-movie marathon
  • prepare a romantic dinner-for-two at home
  • give each other a back rub, or if you are too inclined, a back massage. Don’t forget to light some scented candles + get some nice-smelling oils to complete the romantic mood
  • take advantage of Valentine promos + plan a trip together :)
  • send this*x)%5E0.01%2C+sqrt(6-x%5E2)%2C+-sqrt(6-x%5E2)+from+-4.5+to+4.5 in a random e-mail to your love :)

I am sure you can think of other creative + special ways to celebrate this day of hearts, + whichever you chose, be sure it is something you will enjoy both + something that will let your partner know how much you love him! :)

Thought I’d share the pink hearts with Pink Friday :)

image is not mine, got it from my current fave, Pinterest.

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