in search for a drawstring sundress

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The last time I had worn a dress was when I was in my third trimester of pregnancy + somehow I miss feeling like a dainty girl dressed in a dainty, yellow dress, so can anybody tell this mum where to find a drawstring sundress? I have been wanting to have one + I am thinking it will be a perfect outfit to wear when I go out with the little man on Easter. It’s design + if I get lucky to find the perfect color, will be a great article of clothing to wear this summer, too. I spotted this drawstring dress while watching the telly some weeks ago + planned to get one for myself, but I’ve recently scoured online shops upon online shops in search for one, but I was not lucky.  I was not very fortunate to find one anywhere. 🙁

I have tried numerous online shops in some of the prominent social media where these shops have mushroomed, too, + although I have found several hundreds of lovely dress designs, I was not lucky to find the one that I was looking for.

I also chanced upon Damart, which is a well-know online shop based in the UK + found this lovely sundress. I would have loved to give up the search for the drawstring dress to settle for this, but you know too well that I have a tight budget + that I am such a cheapskate, right? 😉

It wouldn’t hurt admiring this dress, right, + today might just be the lucky day that I find that elusive drawstring dress. Wish me luck, would you? 😉

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are you all geared up for earth hour?

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That is right, later tonight will be the highly-anticipated Earth Hour + I am encouraging you all to participate + do your little share in saving heal our Mother Earth, it is the only one we’ve got any way + we ought to do everything we can to help it heal. I am getting some candles + fans, to cool off the little man who really sweats profusely, ready. +, if in case we cannot make it to Ayala Triangle Gardens for the celebration tonight, we will have our own celebration here at home.

The I Will If You Will Campaign

If you’ve seen those status updates beginning with “I will if you will…” in your friends timeline, it only means they are participating in the campaign to challenge more people to do their share for the environment.

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Here are a few of our own “I will..” updates:

  • I will lessen our hours in front of the tellie to save on electricity if some of our friends will sign up with the GreenPeace Save the Amazon Campaign {you can sign up here, too}
  • I will lessen our TV time if friends will bring their eco-bags to shop
  • I will play the Pocoyo Recycling game it they will plant a tree on my behalf
Not much really + am sure you can come up with a lot more better + cleverer ideas, but, ways to save the Earth need not be grand, see, + everyone can easily participate. It might be as simple as segregating your rubbish or re-purposing some of the things at home as your way of recycling them or turning off the faucet + using a glass while brushing. Even our little kiddos can participate + we can start by teaching them to make sure that piece of litter or candy wrapper makes it to the garbage bin.
Of course, we can all lend a hand by switching our lights off for an hour later on tonight. A little help goes a long way + we all do our share, am sure Mother Earth will be a lot happier.
So, are you geared up for Earth Hour? 😉
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Tips on Giving Flowers for an Anniversary Gift

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Everybody knows that your wedding day is supposed to be the best day of your life – but what about that day, year on year, when we remember that best day and celebrate it again? What can we do to make it just as special as the day, or days, that came before it?

That is where come in. We seek out the best so that you don’t have to. All you have to do is let our experts at interflora anniversary gifts design the perfect anniversary bouquet, and you can concentrate on making the rest of the day wonderful.

Flowers are chosen for their natural beauty, but also for the sense of occasion they can impart. Ivy leaves represent fidelity – always an important part of any marriage. Similarly, holly is used to symbolise domestic happiness – another secret to wedded bliss. Violets are a sign of faithfulness, and red chrysanthemums are for sharing. Pansies denote loving thoughts, whereas orange blossom is an ancient symbol of fertility. Vibrant sunflowers mean adoration, and where red tulips are traditionally used as a declaration of love in the first instance, yellow ones are given to imply that the sender is still hopelessly in love. has a wonderful sunflower bouquet. With this show of adoration nestled comfortably between stems of pink roses and lilac lisianthus amongst others, you know that your anniversary gift will be memorable.

For the love that remains passionate year on year, interflora anniversary gifts have a unique ‘Six Stolen Kisses’ bouquet. Comprised of six large headed red roses, complemented with eucalyptus and salal leaves, and topped off with an ‘I love you’ helium balloon, this is the perfect gift to show your partner that the passion you felt on your wedding day has never faded, and in fact grows stronger every day.
Or for truly extravagant declarations of affection, our unforgettable fifty red roses, hand-tied and finished with gift wrap and ribbon are definitely that once in a lifetime memorable anniversary gift.

Although the fourth anniversary is the one more strongly related traditionally to the giving of flowers, each anniversary has it’s own symbolic flower attached, from single carnations for a first anniversary to a bouquet of yellow roses for a fiftieth. is passionate about your passion, so trust us to help you make that declaration of love and commitment year upon year.

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