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I have always been interested in homeschooling + am actually aspiring to home school my little man even for just a few years, that is why attending the HAPI {Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands} presscon at last Saturday’s Expo Kid is actually quite serendipitous. I was so inspired hearing all these positive talks about homeschooling + I am convinced more than ever to give it a shot.

Homeschooling has only grown in popularity in the Philippines over the last few years, but a lot of families all over the globe are doing it for years, + to be surrounded by all these persevering homeschooling parents sharing their wonderful experience + successes is really very inspiring. We’ve also witnessed great testimonies from products of homeschooling themselves, including  Louise Mabulo of The Junior Master Chef’s fame + Paul Tan-Chi, Ateneo cum laude + Team Captain of the Ateneo Blue Eagles. Paul also shared his delightful experience at homeschooling his little children. We were also treated to a number of great performances by musically-gifted home schooled children, which my little man absolutely enjoyed!

So, why do you think you’d decide to home school your children?

  • It will allow you to be very involved in their education, giving them a tailor-made education structure that matches their capabilities + learning abilities
  • You can also focus on things that they most excel in like sports, arts or music. Think of famous writers like Mark Twain, Charles Dickens + Hans Christian Anderson, along with world-renown personalities, including Mozart, Monet + a handful of American Presidents, they are all home-schooled at one point in their lives + have all excelled in their chosen fields. Even Albert Einstein, C.S. Lewis + the Hanson brothers are home-schooled!
  • You get to spend more time with your children, thereby giving you both unlimited bonding time
  • It makes you in control of what you deem is more important for your children to learn at his age
homeschooling, parenting 101, events

+ if in case you were wondering whether your children will have social exposure difficulties or have trouble dealing with people from the outside world in later years, which is my question, too, surprisingly, they won’t. As explained by the passionate + charismatic speaker, Edric Mendoza, being at home + fostering a good social relationship with members of the family, that respects them + accepts them for who they are,  will only reinforce your children’s abilities to relate to others + to not succumb to peer pressure.+ what are the tools you need if in case you decide to home school your little tot? Here are the Do-It-Yourself Tools for a successful homeschooling

  • Ruler {Learning Context} – represents the context in which you will homeschool. It sets boundaries to what you can + cannot do, whether you’d like to enroll in an accredited organization or will you do it independently?
  • Hammer {Learning Content} – represents the what + how of homeschooling, what will you teach + how will you teach it. Choosing + creating a tailor-fit curriculum for your children are key to a maximum impact.
  • Sandpaper {Enrichment Activities} – like music, arts, home economics, livelihood training + sports will give your children a well-rounded education that develops their total person.
  • Sharpening Steel {Support Group} – when parents get together to share experiences, offer encouragement, exchange insights, ideas, best practices + techniques, it translates to more effective homeschooling.
  • Plumb Line {Standard} – as a plumb line serves as an important guide tool that determines successful outcomes, you must define what true success is for your child + let that guide your homeschooling

parenting 101, homeschooling

To inspire parents on the real benefits of homeschooling, HAPI is delighted to announce their upcoming Philippine Homeschool Conference 2012 to be held at the 5th Level of St. Francis Square in Mandaluyong on May 19. With the theme Laying a Strong Foundation, this aims to give parents a bird’s eye view of how homeschooling works + how it will benefit both parents + children in the long run. Famed + successful homeschooling personalities will be there to give their inspiring talks, including pioneer homeschooler Debra Bell, author of award-winning “Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling” book, + our very own inspirational speaker, Bo Sanchez, founder of the homeschool provider, Catholic Filipino Academy. The event will also be graced by DepEd Assistant Secretary for Legal + Legislative Affairs, Atty. Tonisito M.C. Umali.

To register for the Conference + for more information, visit the Hapi Website or email them at Also, do not forget to avail of the Early Bird rate of Php600, until April 15 only!

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