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I was able to go out last week to attend an event. It was one of those rare occasions that I get to go out without my little man in tow. I almost was not able to push through with my plans for that day, but I was thankful the little man’s dad was able to deal with the saying-goodbye scenario with much less tears + fussing. So, after a few goodbyes + kisses, this mum set off to attend the event {which I shall tell you all about in another post ;)}.

Anyway, I had to pass through Trinoma to get to the fx/van terminal on my home, plus I had to make a quick stop at the grocers anyway to buy milk + a few cartons of his favorite drink, Dutch Mill {he only drinks the strawberry flavored ones}, for the little man + I spotted this poster at the bottom of one of their elevators.

I am just glad that big companies + corporation like Trinoma is now jumping into the Green bandwagon. Thousands upon thousands of people shop there everyday + a poster like this will do a lot of wonders. Imagine if every people who reads this will bring their eco-bag to shop next time around. It will make a whole community of eco-bag shoppers!

I just wish they’d do more than encourage their clients to purchase those green bags. Maybe they could set up a day where everyone who shops using their green bags will get freebies or discounts or points in their privilege cards, much like how SM does it. It could work wonders on waste reduction by stopping the use of plastic bags, + eventually, helping our environment.

Nevertheless, I still give two thumbs up for Trinoma for their initiative! 😉


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  1. very cool idea, love it 🙂 saying good bye to little one is hard thing to do 🙂 glad you manage to get away 🙂 Visiting from Green Monday, hope that you can return your green visit too.

  2. worth sharing. It’s good to know many companies are giving their share to help mother earth and to live a sustainable living.

    hope to see you again on next green monday meme

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