a master’s degree for my little man

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I know that a Master’s degree might be too far fetched for my little man yet, he has not even stepped into the colorful world of pre-schooling to begin with, but, it is a possibility I can readily entertain, if he would choose that path in the future, that is. I put stock on education, after all, + I remember that my parents used to say that it is the best gift they can leave their children. I would love to do the same for my little man, for a few reasons:

  • a good education will help in achieving his full potentials
  • it will help him to be financially independent in the future, ready to support himself + his family
  • it will also give him an edge + a better knack at realizing his goals + aspirations later on in life
  • there is nothing most appealing for a mum to know that her son will retire one day to a better life, even better that what she had
I wouldn’t know how technological advancement will change the dynamics of education in my little man’s time, he’d probably take down notes from his Chemistry teacher with Skype or do a recitation using Twitter, who knows what the future holds, really? For all I know, he can be too preoccupied with too many things, like sports or charities or his own blog, he’d opt to take his Education Masters Course from one of those online sites, like nipissingu.ca, where he can have quality Distance Education from a reputable Canadian school in the comfort of our own home or in his most convenient time. It would be most ideal since he wouldn’t have to go all those miles away to get his Master’s degree, the site also offers a very comprehensive source of information about the university, Jared would feel like he is going there physically simply by browsing through their various menus + features, +, of course,  I shall be a happy mum, knowing he’s just at home {where I can see him each time I miss him} while doing all that 🙂

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